Combat Arms Europe commemorates the French Revolution

Combat Arms Europe is today commemorating the anniversary of the ‘Storming of Bastille’ battle, during the French Revolution over 200 years ago. With a number of themed events taking place, players can experience for themselves the spirit of attack as they fight for justice in return for in game awards. As well as this topical event, Dark Forest, a brand new map addition that players can experience now, is also launching!

On this day in 1789, the Storming of Bastille took place as revolutionaries stormed the medieval fortress and prison in Bastille. Fighting for the ‘people’, armed demonstrators set fire to the streets and stormed the fortress. In keeping with this theme Combat Arms Europe kicks off the first of the French Revolution events with ‘Capture the flag’ mode. Firstly players will have to secure the flag before fighting enemies to grasp possession. Once defeated and captured, users will earn unique in-game rewards.

During the event period Combat Arms Europe is also offering a discounted rate on its French rifle – FAMAS G2. Made in France, the FAMAS G2 is a modified version of the FAMAS that has improved stability and damage dealing capabilities. This rifle also comes fully equipped with a suppressor and HDS-4 Reflex Sight. Users will find the special offer in the black market for a limited period only, along with discounts on all explosives to celebrate the event.

For players that want extra challenges this month, Dark Forest and mini missions offer just that. Dark Forest is the latest addition which delivers a forest themed environment, which is difficult to navigate. Due to the dense forest, users should expect low visibility and heavy resistance from the moment they enter and attempt to defeat the enemy. And if that wasn’t enough, mini missions are also being introduced which will provide players with an additional opportunity to earn some great in game rewards! During any game, they may be issued a mini mission from Central Command with the chance of receiving extra EXP and GP should the mission be completed!

Also, Combat Arms is announcing an EXP/GP event every weekend in July! Users will be able to earn 50% extra EXP and Gear Points after each and every match from Friday to Sunday every weekend for the rest of July.

Check here all you need to know about Combat Arms. And visit its official website.

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