Combat Arms Europe: Biggest update of the year

Nexon Europe has announced the launch of its biggest update package of the year, for its FPS, Combat Arms. Combining a brand new map edition "Kill Creek", with "Bombing Run" mode and exciting new weaponry and clan features, this latest update will certainly keep dedicated soldiers on their toes! Combat Arms Europe continues to excite its fans with regular developments and these exhilarating additions are not to be missed.

Kill Creek becomes a centre for activity when Intel is leaked to Guerrilla units about a train carrying deadly weapons and supplies. The train is ambushed under a railroad bridge and the Guerrillas quickly set to work emptying the train of all its cargo. The official authorities are tipped off as the ambush happens but arrive just as the last of the supplies are being taken from the area and so sparks a battle of a lifetime. The complex two bridge map design means that soldiers will have to plan their descent with a strategic approach, keeping both eyes open at all times.

The Bombing Run mode is an exciting prospect for players as it involves two teams fighting it out to capture a bomb. The team that has the bomb has to take it to a designated section of the map and to detonate it while the other team tries to defend the area whilst attempting to steal the bomb back! The first team to achieve the objective and succeed in detonating the bomb wins the round.

To celebrate both the launch of "Kill Creek" and "Bombing Run" there will be two events respectively that will allow users to gain rewards for taking part in each addition. With daily rewards based on participation, there's nothing to stop you from earning credits in the game.

As part of the update players are also given the opportunity to buy specialist weaponry that offers a range of distinct advantages when on the battlefield, and not to be missed is the brand new Auto Turret. This specialist item is capable of automatically detecting and engaging hostile targets, providing instant support on the battlefield. And, if shopping for weapons is your thing then you¡¯ll be pleased to hear that the Black Market now has a shopping cart facility, so you can arm yourself at the touch of a button. Clan members will also be pleased to hear that there are a number of new friendly features that will benefit them. These include exclusive items, clan cap and clan shopping in the Black Market.

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