Combat Arms and Atlantica Online have joined Valve’s Steam catalogue

Nexon America has announced that its MMOFPS Combat Arms and it’s strategic, turn-based MMORPG Atlantica Online, are now available on Valve’s leading online gaming platform. Both games are free-to-play and download.

Combat Arms which is in the midst of a global war event called “Spiders versus Scorpions,” has more than 5 million registered users in North America and is known for having the most weapons available of any other game of its kind. The game is celebrating its fourth anniversary of providing explosive action to FPS fans, and will be featuring events and specials on weapons during the month of July.

Atlantica Online is a critically-acclaimed MMORPG set in an alternate-reality Earth with monsters ripped from history and lore. Recently, “Atlantica Online” has introduced Rin, the newest mercenary available for battle against evil. Rin is a powerful mercenary that descends from the Japanese Bunraku Puppeteers and has the skills to control a power saw wielding puppet in battle. During the Bunraku festival, going on through July 26th, players will have a chance to recruit this mercenary by collecting and turning in enough Festival Scripts.

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