Cloud Pirates Releases Death or Glory Update

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The Allods Team and global publisher have announced Cloud Pirates launched its “Death or Glory” update for the class based Aerial Ship MMO. With the update, all pirate captains will get access to a brand-new cloud arena - Fractal Space, a new ladder ranking system and special rewards for each first victory of the day.

The role of team play and the impact of organizing into Brotherhoods is more vital than ever before. Select the right classes of ships with the team, master their strengths and hang rivaling pirates from the yardarm! The game is in Early Access on Steam and the GameCenter and aspiring captains can visit to get a head start!

New in the “Death or Glory” update:

Brotherhood Ladder System – this new game mode allows the Cloud Pirate Brotherhoods to form teams of 7 Captains and participate in special Brotherhood versus Brotherhood combat during specific days and times of the week on standard maps and in standard game modes. Two teams from the same Brotherhood cannot meet one another in battle.

Special reward for the First Victory of the Day – the first victory with each ship will now grant double the usual amount of Experience. This bonus resets daily.

New map Fractal Space – The Update is bringing a new Deathmatch map! The Fractal Space was created by an ancient, insane race, driven by only one thing – the instinct to destroy. To hunt down these demented creatures is a dangerous but lucrative undertaking as each of them contains a core that is extremely valuable on black market – a perfect opportunity for a band of unscrupulous pirate cutthroats!


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