Cloud Pirates Entering Closed Beta

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Cloud Pirates' first closed beta phase will leave dock on October 18th and end on October 24th. All captains who signed up for the beta will have a chance to be picked for the upcoming Closed Beta test. For those of you who completed the first challenge during the previous Friends and Family "Up The Ante" contest, access to this first Closed Beta Test is already guaranteed.

Treat yourself to the best start possible and get access to the Closed Beta, thanks to Cloud Pirates founders’ pack and its exclusive content:

- Guaranteed access to every Closed Beta Test – help test and provide feedback on the game!
- Early access prior to release – a good pirate never takes the long route!
- Extended treasure map storage – never lose your share of the booty!
- Two elite airships with exclusive skins – make your mark in style!
- Two sets of special sails for all airships available at release – your enemies will know exactly who gunned them down!


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