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Developed by Mgame for Windows.


Cloud Nine, also known as Holic 2, is a 3D fantasy MMORPG. As a sequel to the original Holic, Cloud Nine supports the same anime inspired graphic style and its class system.  Players will be able to collect cards to transform into monsters.


- Monster Card Collection & Monster Taming Systems; Monsters in Cloud Nine provide players with monster cards which can be registered in a monster collection book. When players collect the various cards in the game, they get authorized to obtain various monster taming items from a certain shop. Tamed monsters will support players as a pet with extra attacks and special skills. Also, the Monster Card Collection system will be fun for anyone who loves to collect things.

- Monster Transformation & PK (Player Kill) System; Cloud Nine provides a monster transformation system to players. Items that let players transform into monsters can be obtained by certain enemies. When a player transforms into a monster, their status or power becomes exactly the same as the monsters, so it will give more advantages to the player who transformed. Also, the transformation system can be used as tactics during the battle in PVP.

- Pet System; Cloud Nine pets fight alongside players on the battle field and depending on their item setting they can use unique skills. Pets that have been named by their master will obey and level up like players during battle. When a pet reaches a certain level they evolve to the next stage and their appearance upgrades and they get stronger. There are various types of pets such as Animal type, Human type, Beast type, Prankster type, Monster type, and Special type.

- Crafting System; In Cloud Nine, various materials will be obtained from looting monsters, mining, fishing, and gathering. All the materials can be used to craft various special items. There are three different types of unique crafting: gem crafting, metal crafting, and medicine crafting.

- Crafting Type & Description;

·Gem Crafting: Start crafting gems that can be used to strengthen your weapons or armor.
·Medicine Crafting: Craft various consumable items such as potions, buff items, etc.
·Metal Crafting: Craft accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and rings that will provide extra options.

- Mounts Monster Riding; There are many kinds of mounts in Cloud Nine: Unicorn, Dragon, Cat, Wolf and Bouncy Horse, Etc. Choose what you like and these mounts can be used as transportation, also they will absorb some of the damage that players receive from enemies and increase the possibility of surviving in battle.

- Class Switch – Class Revolving; In Cloud Nine, a character may choose another class which is called their sub-class. There is no penalty for having two classes and players can switch between their chosen classes to fit the situation. Also, sub-class skills will affect the main class skill tree and main and sub classes later share certain skills. Unlike its predecessor, in which players could change their sub-class, Cloud Nine players may only select their sub-class once.

-Another Transportation - Human Cannon; Cloud Nine uses Human Cannons for long distance transportation. Hopping into the cannon will shoot players to where ever they want to go! Don’t worry about landing, characters are stronger than steel!

- Nation War and PvP Fields; Players will constantly have war with the enemy faction in War zone, regular fields and dungeons to protect their faith. Enemy players will be shown on the screen with the red name. Don't hesitate to attack them or else you will be dead in the blink of an eye.


- Primus Union; Hundreds of merchant guilds became united by a man named “Vakaven Kahharl” and it became the nation of Primus Union. Primus Union is the center of trade and crafting. This nation is the largest, and is still growing; it never seems to stop expanding. However, since many guilds were united by one absolute authority, this nation's rule is strict and faithful. Primus Union fights for loyalty and honor on the battlefield so, they refuse to ambush or use vulgar tactics. To win, is to win with prowess alone.

- Ganav Libero; Wanderers and travelers crowded into this city one by one and finally it became a huge union. Five elders in the city then came together and the nation Ganav Libero was born. Many people in Ganav Libero farmed and hunted for a living and created what they needed with mysterious magic power. Their lifestyle supports freedom and living creatively. On the battlefield they never fight in a certain manner or with typical maneuvers. They use innovative tactics and surprise their enemies in every battle and conquer with invincible minds and spirits.


- Seneka: A highly intelligent race who have the same appearance as the gods.

- Koshare: The children of the Earth,excellent crafters.

- Matsuka: Half-animal and half-humanoid, the Matsuka are brave and honorable warriors who are often found serving as mercenaries for the other races.


- Warrior; High HP and strong defense makes the warrior the leader. Warriors never run away from the battlefield even in the worst situation.

- Monk; Monks train everyday to continue to overcome their own breaking points. They are experts in controlling the physical power of their body and also the flow of Ki.

- Rogue; thieves are born with amazing dexterity and they disappear and appear behind enemies to deal fatal blows.

- Hunter; Hunters instinctively make enemies lose fighting spirit with fast attack speed and a guerilla fighting style. They distract their enemies and take them down before they notice the hunter is even there.

- Mage; Mages rules the battlefield by maximizing their spirit energy and harmonizing its force with nature.

- Cleric; Priests had a contract with the fairies of Lunatia and use divine light to cure comrades who have fallen. They are not really specialized in battle so they usually support their teammates and protect and rejuvenate them with the power of light.


OS: Windows XP / Vista
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 1.2 Ghz or AMD 1600+
RAM: 256 MB
HDD: 7 GB Free
Graphics Card: GeForce4 Ti 4200 or ATI Radeon 9000

Website: Cloud Nine

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