City of Heroes: Issue 23, Where Shadows lie

The first details of the next major content update to City of Heroes Freedom has been revealed today. Packed with a gripping storyline, new features for free players and benefits for VIPs, Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie offers comic book and online gaming fans a compelling reason to jump back into the world’s first superhero MMORPG.

Some of the features that player’s characters can look forward to experiencing in Issue 23:

· Powerful Storytelling: Featuring the blockbuster conclusion to a storyline that’s been more than two years in the making, Issue 23 gives players the chance to finish the Praetorian War that started with the game’s last major expansion, Going Rogue, while also picking up the pieces left by the death of the iconic heroes Statesman and Sister Psyche.

· New Content: Join the fight against Emperor Cole of Praetoria in Night Ward, a completely new zone trapped between realms, offering mid-level characters all-new challenges and enemies to overcome. Meanwhile, max level heroes and villains can put an end to the Praetorian War in the Magesterium Incarnate Trial, featuring never before seen challenges and powerful bosses.

· New Features and Benefits: Both free and VIP players will enjoy a variety of features and perks, ranging from improved fast travel options to striking new costume sets.

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