Checking Out TERA’s Valkyrie Class


We recently got the chance to check out TERA from EnMasse Entertainment for a guided press tour of their new Valkyrie class and a walkthrough of one of their recently updated dungeons, the Vault of Kaprima (VoK). Meeting over Skype with some of the folks from both TERA and EnMasse Entertainment (NA Publisher) we were summoned into the game to get our hands on a level 65 Valkyrie and started laying into some nearby BAMs (Big Ass Monsters in TERA) thrashing away building combos.

The Valkyrie is a female Castanic race that focuses on fast paced melee combo building, very acrobatic and athletic even after a little play around fighting some BAMs on the Velika Outskirts to get a feel for the class it was easy to see how she would fit into the action focused combat that TERA offers.


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Similar to some of the other melee classes the Valkyrie focuses on chaining together combos using various skills that place Runes on their target, building up more runes (a maximum of seven) and then destroying them all to hit the target with some heavy damage. With a number of powered up abilities she can draw enemies into her from range, chain long combo's of hits (typical spacebar mashing), a Titan's Bane attack that buffs herself and allies massively (around 6 min cooldown) and slowly build up her Ragnarok power bar. Slowly building up over time once it fills to max (similar to Brawlers rage bar) she will be able to trigger her Ragnarok ability that increases her power, attack speed, range and resets her own skill cooldowns, (extremely useful when to reset the Titan's Bane skill).

We were summoned to the Vault and were guided through it to try our hand at the various bosses in there, with the TERA guys just admin wiping the trash mobs to make our journey a little quicker. There wasn't that much new to VoK and the dungeon itself has been around a while, so we fought Agartha the crab monster (whose wall drills killed us twice...) and the final boss Kornus.

In comparison to the previous classes we didn't find the Valkyrie as much fun as say the Brawler or Gunner (who we were also given press tours with), other than triggering Ragnorak and the extra burst and fiery visuals the class just didn't quite back the same punch as the Brawler (see what we did there). Mechanically, as a crowd control melee, it'll definitely find its place in the game, but as a solo experience for us it just wasn't as interesting as other classes.

The Valkyrie will be hitting NA servers with the Honorbound patch release next Tuesday 11th April!


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