Champions: Online has presented the new update “On Alert”

Perfect World Entertaintment has announced that Champions: Online has gone through a major systems overhaul. The new "On Alert" update engages players to fight crime and conquer evil with classic hero vs. super villain confrontations. Heroes can build faction reputation with Recognition and reap its awards with new travel powers and gear.

Also, the update has added the ability to customize and modify gear with the Modifications and Fusion Systems, providing more dynamic and damage dealing statistics.

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  1. Dirty Foreigner

    The crafting system in Champions was lackluster, the solution to this problem was to throw it out the window and replaced it with Diablo’s gem socketing system.

    The power tweaking an re-itemization decimated PvP, but the PvP community’s protests were largely written off by one of the devs as “the 2% that don’t matter”.

    The slew of minor bugs that accompanied On Alert were annoying at first, but could be ignored because they were relatively simple fixes. They’re still not fixed.

    And now they’re pushing complete integration with Perfect World Entertainment’s database, which will lead to paying customers in Russia, China, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, and South Korea from being banned from the game due to PWE’s region banning policy.

    This is a dying game, play it for free, but do not pay for it.

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