CCP Games has announced new details for its upcoming free-to-play MMOFPS, DUST 514

CCP Games has announced some new details for its upcoming free-to-play MMOFPS, DUST 514, scheduled for release this year exclusively on the PlayStation3 computer entertainment system. The details, coming out of this year’s E3, focus on the first beta event of the summer, as well as how the game supports the PlayStation ecosystem with a custom PlayStation Home Space and the PlayStation Vita companion app DUST 514: Neocom.

The premier beta event for DUST 514 is scheduled to begin on Friday June 29th, and will run throughout the weekend. Participants that register here will be chosen at random to participate, and new players interested in joining the action can still sign up. This event will be the first of several throughout the summer, and CCP will be revealing more information in the coming weeks.

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