Castle of Heroes’ new expansion opens today


Gala Networks Europe has annonunced that Babel, the new expansion for its browser game Castle Of Heroes, will go live today. Babel brings a number of new features to the strategy game, offering fresh challenges to new players and battle-hardened warriors alike.

Chief among the additions to the game is the legendary Tower Of Babel itself: 40 floors filled with monstrous guardians, each more powerful than the last. Players can attempt the Tower once each day and can earn substantial amounts of experience through winning or forfeit all their spoils in defeat.

Other new buildings each have their own special bonuses: experience awaits the players who defeat the guardian in the Ivory Tower; gold in return for capturing the merchant market and ore for victory in the Dwarf Mine will gain a steady supply of ore.

Hero quests are another brand new quest opportunity, these can be undertaken at any time during the game to gain valuable experience points. The inclusion of new boss monster battles provides another way for players to boost their experience: here the foes are unique to each individual player and will appear on the player's map three times a day, ready for combat. Fighting options in the Arena have also been overhauled, with combatants now battling for military titles, access to special hero items, and increased troop capacity.

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