Castle of Heroes: new events

Gala Networks Europe has today announced two new events for highly anticipated fantasy strategy title Castle Of Heroes. The browser-based title, currently in open beta, has also opened the cash shop to allow players to access additional items.

In the first of these events, two heroes will be placed on the game map each day from Monday 15th to Friday 19th February. Randomly throughout each of these days, clues as to their locations will be posted on the game forums, Facebook page or Twitter feed with the first player to post the co-ordinates of a hero winning a prize. These will include two 12-hour Diplomacy cards as well as two Lucky Chest sets and a hero card box.

The second will see four GM castles left open to attack. Each of these castles has a certain fame range and the first player to defeat a castle will receive a reward unit until all four castles have been defeated. The event will run for five days from 22nd-26th of February.

The rewards for these castles are as follows:
• Castle 1, low fame - Bronze training card, 1 gold experience pill
• Castle 2, low to medium fame range - Dwarven builder card, 1 gold experience pill
• Castle 3, medium-high fame range - Blue Hero, double recovery card, bronze training, dwarven builder card.
• Castle 4, highest fame range - Yellow Hero,magician card, double recovery card, bronze training card, dwarven builder card.

The item shop will allow gamers to purchase useful items to help them build their empire. Players who have suffered heavy casualties will be able to make use of the Regeneration Cards, which will lower the recovery time required for wounded units. Fighting on many fronts against hordes of bloodthirsty monsters can seriously drain action points, which is why the new Action Cards will increase your action point regeneration, giving you an extra chance or two to smite some evil monsters. These and many more useful items can be accessed in-game simply by pressing the shop button on the main interface.

The fighting is really heating up with guilds waging war for territory and resources. Grudges are starting to build as the guilds expand and their members become more powerful. New players can pick a side in an already bloody war, or seek allies and become a new force on the field of battle with their own guild.

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