Castle of Heroes launches Babel expansion

Gala Networks Europe has announced Babel, the new expansion for its browser game Castle Of Heroes. One of the new features coming with this expansion is the legendary Tower of Babel. This new building holds riches and monsters beyond imagining. Valiant heroes can battle through each of the 40 levels of the Tower, acquiring progressively more powerful rewards. But fight carefully, as losing a battle will forfeit all you have gained and expel you from the tower in disgrace!

The Tower Of Babel in a few words:

• Guardians on all 40 floors of the Tower, each more powerful then the last;
• Guardian battles offer an opportunity to earn a large amount of experience;
• Players can continue to the next level following each victory, or leave the Tower with their accumulated treasures;
• All accumulated spoils will be forfeited after a defeat in a Tower battle;
• The Tower can only be attempted once per day, per player. With a Cash Shop item, two additional attempts can be made.

Babel expansion will also introduce new boss monster battles to be fought and won. Three times a day, 20 minions will appear on a player’s world map. If they are defeated, the boss monster that they protect will appear with a magical item to test the player’s courage and fighting skill still further. These minions and boss monsters are unique to each player’s account: they are visible only to the player.

Other enhanced features of Babel expansion include the combat options in the Arena, which has been given a facelift: combatants can fight on the field of battle for military titles, access to special hero items, and increased troop capacity. New buildings have also been found across the world, enabling brave heroes who master them to temporarily gain increased powers and riches. There are also 12 new magical scrolls divided into five classes - water, fire, earth, wind and summoning - in order to better combat the dangerous evils let loose in the Babel expansion. These scrolls can be purchased in the Armoury and the Cash Shop.

Check here all you need to know about Castle of Heroes. And visit its official website.

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