Castle of Heroes: Details of Babel expansion

Gala Networks Europe is announcing further details for Babel, the new expansion for its browser game Castle Of Heroes.

Babel will introduce new buildings into the world of Gaia, with special bonuses available to the heroes who conquer them. Players who defeat the guardian defending the Ivory Tower, for example, will be rewarded with a constant stream of experience points (EXP). Players who gain control of the Merchant Market will be able to access plentiful quantities of gold, while conquerors of the Dwarf Mine will gain a steady supply of ore. All of these resources can then be put to good use in the game itself.

Additional experience can also be gained in the new boss monster battles. Three times a day, 20 minions will appear on a player’s world map, protecting a powerful leader. Both the minions and the leader are unique to each player and visible only to him. Each minion defeated earns the player twice the normal experience points; if the leader is defeated, the player earns four times as much experience.

Babel also includes many brand new quests, including Hero quests, which are designed to increase Heroes’ experience and which can be undertaken at any time during the game – players can attempt up to 20 Hero quests every day. In addition, there are also tens of new main quests, and now also daily quests for a fast, fresh challenge.

Check here all you need to know about Castle of Heroes. And visit its official website.

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