Canaan Online is going to release a new major patch

Gala Networks Europe has announced the launch of a new major patch for its free browser-based MMORPG set in a manga universe, Canaan Online. The update will be released later this afternoon for English, French and German servers.

The new patch will give adventurers the opportunity to play with the brand new Druid class. By casting their many buffs, Druids can increase the attributes of pets beyond their normal limits and confer new active and passive abilities never seen before in the game. The Druid can act as a support class to augment party damage and survivability, or fill the role of a damage dealer, utilising its trademark whip and an array of poisons and debuffs.

As well as the new class, the latest update introduces loads of new content, including new items, new weapons, more quests, new player mounts and new pets. These will give even long-established players the opportunity to experience a new chapter in the story of Canaan Online. The update also introduces an improved tutorial for new players, making it easier for them to familiarise themselves with all the unique features that Canaan Online has to offer.

To mark the launch of this update, the Canaan Online team has prepared a special event which will start this Saturday. For a limited time only, all players will receive double experience points, just in time to help them level up their new Druid.

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