Camon hero this spring

Uforia, Inc., an online game publisher specializing in massively multiplayer online games, today announced that they will publish Camon Hero, a unique Trading Card MMORPG this spring. Camon Hero offers card summoning and card creation systems, crafting, item dismantling, never-ending quests, unique PVP battles and much more.

"We are excited about Camon Hero because it is such a unique addition to the Uforia portfolio," said JK Kim, CEO of Uforia. "While there are many choices in the MMORPG category today, it is rare to find a game that can offer players a chance to experience a trading card game and MMORPG all in one."

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Camon Hero will provide players with a gameplay experience like no other MMORPG available today. In Camon Hero, players will journey through the land of Aria in order to save its citizens from the forces of darkness. During the adventure players will come across mystical cards that grant them the ability to summon creatures and people to assist them in battle so they will not be alone on their dangerous quest.

Camon Hero is based on the ever-popular Trading Card Game genre and players familiar with that style of gameplay will find terminology and gameplay similarities in Camon Hero. But this time the monsters are real and the action is in real-time!

Camon Hero has no fixed classes so gamers can customize their character's stats so they can wield both magic and melee weapons or be a purist and focus solely on magic. Like a good trading card game, Camon Hero gives the player the option to customize and create their own gameplay style! The knowledge and power to perform skills is also bound to cards so that the possibilities in combat become endless.
Deciding what cards to include in their summon hand and managing their Stack Cooldown Times will help them maintain control of the field.

Camon Hero features both PvE field combat and instanced mission based combat! Giant Bosses will test the skills of players, their friends and their decks! And what would a TGC MMORPG be without numerous PvP modes so players can test their deck against other Camon Heroes!

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