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Call of Gods is a free-to-play browser-based game which mixes MMORPG & SLG (simulation game) genres with a background story about wars among the Gods. In this game you play the role of a Lord and you will have to protect and rule your kingdom, develop you castle and build a powerful army in order to defeat monsters and other players. You will also find a lot of challenges and tasks to take, so there will always be something to do.


- Free to play
- Browser based, no need to download anything
- Polished interface and sound effects
- Exciting background story and diversity of quests
- Powerful alliance system which enable players to play together
- Epic war among races and alliances
- Dungeons full of challenges
- Diversified achievements system


Humans: Humans worship the Dragon of Light. They believe that law and order should take precedent over kindness and compassion. Despite suffering great hardships during their long history, humanity has always managed to pull through and survive. Humans proved to be courageous warriors on the battlefield where their faith in justice and truth allowed them to triumph against even the toughest of foes. Even in their darkest hour, their hope remained and gave humanity the strength to fight on.

Undeads: The Undeads worship the Dragon of Life. They believe in the sanctity of death - bringer of peace, order and eternal beauty.  Driven away from their resting grounds by humans and elves, the Undead have settled at Siyink and await their chance to exact revenge on their living tormentors. The emergence of new Undead heroes signals the beginning of a rejuvenation of the Undead nation after years of decay and decline.

Elves: Elves worship the Dragon of Earth and respect nature. They believe in the harmonious co-existencence of all creatures. Elves are an ancient race that have inhabited the Masure Mainland since time immemorial. They are creatures of natural grace and nobility and are wary of contact with other races. After the defeat of the demon armies , the Elves once again retired to their former seclusion. The Elven capital is said to be a living paradise of unimaginable beauty and splendor.


Victory or defeat on the battlefield in Call of Gods is determined by the game’s complex combat system. Call of Gods’ combat system takes into account a wide variety of factors such as hero attributes, unit type, unit positions etc. Units take turns to move and attack in Call of Gods. The order of action is determined by the Speed of a unit. Unit classes with higher Speed stats such as Cavalry and Flying Units will move and attack before slower unit classes such as Infantry and Archers. As you progress in Call of Gods, your heroes will become more powerful and the number of unit types that you can command will also increase. Be creative in your battle strategies and don’t be afraid to try out new units and formations.


In Call of Gods, your heroes act as the commanders of your troops. Choosing the right hero for your units is the first step to creating a powerful army. To recruit a hero you'll need to head to a Tavern. There is a Tavern in the Capital of each race as well as at Regia Deorum. There are 5 grades of hero – White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange – in ascending order of quality. A hero's grade will determine his/her "Potential" which affects starting attributes as well as how much his/her attributes increase when leveling up. Heroes also come in 4 "Specialties" – Balanced, Attack, Agility and Defense. Ideally, Agility and Defense heroes should be given tank roles and assigned melee units. Attack and Balanced heroes aren't as good at soaking up damage but have higher attack ratings and should be assigned ranged units.


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