Cabal: “reloaded”

Cabal online - logo today announced that the latest content update for its hit free-to-play massively multiplayer online game Cabal Online is now available for free download. CABAL Reloaded, the fifth update of this year, makes significant improvements to the player experience, introducing three new dungeons, a new looting system and two additional ring slots.
“This update delivers change that will make a real improvement to the game play of both new and existing players” said Thorsten Schauer, director of “With some major changes for all levels, there truly is something for everyone.”

CABAL Reloaded revamps parts of the game that were in need of change, with the development team responding to the criticisms and feedback from the game's community. The starting levels, previously seen as lacking in content, have been made more enjoyable with the introduction of new lower-level dungeons, improved graphics, an increase to the drop rate of low-level equipment, and a complete overhaul of the quest rewards for the lower levels. The group play has also been improved, with a new party interface and a looting system which allows party members to bid or lot on high-value items that have dropped.

The update arrives just in time for the CABALYMPICS tournament, the new game world which challenges players to complete a series of challenges for prizes worth over 5000 Euros, providing the ideal arena for contestants to compete and show their skills. More information on CABAL Reloaded and the CABALYMPICS tournament can be found visiting the official website of Cabal Online.


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