CABAL Online’s Rising Force Extreme update will be available on August 1st

ESTsoft Inc. has announced that Rising Force Extreme, the new content update of CABAL Online will be available on August 1st. The expansion will bring several new features to the game, like the Extreme upgrade system, a new dynamic and intuitive system that allows players to take their previously maxed out items to the extreme. The expansion also adds dazzling new abilities for every single class, along with new synergy skills exclusive to their Battle Mode 3 forms.

Cabal9 RW4

In addition players can venture into the depths of the Dungeon Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened), one of the toughest challenges that have been added to the game so far, which forces players not only to beat the clock, but also to save their lives in this brutal Time Attack challenge. The rewards are substantial for those brave enough to enter… and survive.

Information source: ESTsoft Inc. press release

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