Cabal Online: Return of the Guardians Goes Live

Cabal Online - news has just announced that "Return of the Guardians", the latest content update for their free-to-play MMORPG Cabal Online is now live on all 6 of the game's European language versions.

The patch introduces "The Awakened Forbidden Island", a particularly challenging dungeon instance for players of the highest level as well as an entirely new guild ranking system enabling guilds to compete for glory and riches. Additionally, Effector Items stregthening specific skills when equipped, a new Guardian title system for the massive daily Nation War PvP battles and more has been added.

Cabal 1 Cabal 2

Player will also benefit from an enchant point system helping them in upgrading items and a daily dungeon reward system rewarding them for completing instances on a daily basis. They moreover get the chance to accomplish more than 50 new achievements.

Source of information: press release.

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