Cabal Online integrates Twitter

ESTSoft, developers of Cabal Online, have today announced that it will integrate the micro-blogging website “Twitter” into its fast-paced online game. From this September millions of Cabal players worldwide will be able to post messages to their friends and followers on Twitter by using a brand new social interface located within the game. It will allow players to tweet about the latest events in the world of Nevareth, including their latest achievements, item drops and battles.
The Twitter integration is part of a brand new free expansion, Episode 4: Porta Inferno. Check here all you need to know about Cabal Online. And visit its official website.

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  1. Robert

    i think that ESTSoft should make a new version of Cabal, and the change would be that it would be more of a third person shooter, rather than an average mmo

    some examples to compare would be Rakion, S4 League, Global Agenda, games like that

    i know that i would enjoy being a force blader in a tps…

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