Buy a year of Rift and get the Storm Legion expansion for free

Trion Worlds has announced today that the new Rift expansion Storm Legion, that is coming later this fall, can be yours at no cost by purchasing 12 months of game time. The new Storm Chaser edition gives those purchasing a year’s worth of game time the full expansion at no additional cost. In addition, players are instantly granted two exclusive bonuses: the “Stormbringer” in-game title and fearsome “Landslide” mount, both of which can be used immediately.

We like finding ways to reward loyalty,” said Scott Hartsman, Trion Chief Creative Officer and Executive Producer on the game. “This new edition is the perfect way to do that. Storm Legion is the biggest thing we’ve ever created for Rift. We have a feeling players’ are going to enjoy exploring the immense continents of Brevane and Dusken, and customizing their own personal Dimensions. Now they can do it in style.

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