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Developed by Dovo game for internet browsers.


Business Tycoon Online is an online, browser-based business simulation game. Players start from scratch and take the role of an entrepreneur that is just breaking through into the tough business world of Liberty City. Through hard work and dedication, players can expand their business and raise their social status as they try to become one of the socialites of Liberty City. In Liberty City, your business dreams can become a reality as you establish your own company and build a powerful business empire.

From the very beginning of creating your company, you will face constant challenges. As a business tycoon you have the ability to open more than 100 different kinds of stores, their success or failure is in your hands. In addition to opening your stores, you will also need to recruit employees and arrange their training. Every day, different kinds of meetings are waiting for you to attend. Your performance will affect directors' impressions of you. In order to become a well-connected socialite of Liberty City and expand your network, you will need to widen your social circles and interact with the other entrepreneurs around you. When faced with fierce market competition, you should be ready for any and all challenges that will come your way.


Attribute points
You can obtain attribute points not only by daily quests, but also by routine work, Help Bell , 16Hours Activity and MIB negotiation. There are 3 kinds of attribute points for character.

- Strategy
to add employees' attributes of execution and management;
- Wisdom
to add speed of producing goods and gaining material.
- Leadership
to increase company's revenue.

Social status
There are nine classes in social status: Proletariat, Populace, Citizen, Upper class, Nobility, Gentlefolk, Count, Marquis and Duke.


Vehicles can reduce the time of your routine work. Their attributes are relatively limited; part of routine work has nothing to do with them, such as holding a meeting, thinking, and reading newspaper. You can travel by your own vehicles. (Different tourist destinations require different vehicles.)


As the company's chairman, you should grasp the time if you always want to keep ahead of your rivals. In your spare time, you can pay more attention to it and do more communication with your staff. Here, you have a lot of choices; you can gain some profits from each work. Unexpected results will be got if you do more study on it. You can acquire different rewards from carrying out routine work each time. The rewards have a lot of forms, which depends on your luck.


MIB is a system of investment group. After succeeding in negotiating with MIB, you can gain rewards in investment at random. When  MIB reaches you, your secretary will give you a message in Notifications which can be kept for 2 hours. In this 2 hours, you can send an employee to  negotiate with MIB, and then gain rewards of gold or store upgrade points etc. If you don't accept negotiation with them, they will be suspicious of your sincerity and find other tycoons.


The Media System is a congregation of all kinds of media agencies, through which the players can publish comments to promote their companies or to attack their competitors. There are 5 types of media: newspaper, radio, magazine, TV and internet. Each media company has its own influence. The more commonly-used a media company is, the more influential it is.


Entertainment Industry
Build an entertainment empire starting with Billiard Halls, Arcades, Jazz clubs and more. Casinos and Horse Racing courses await entertainment tycoons. The Entertainment industry enjoys a 5% decreased tax burden.

Sales Industry
Retail can be a harsh world but the payoffs are big. Open markets, bookshops, gift shops and eventually malls! Sales Industry insiders enjoy a +5% production and raw material supply rate.

Catering Industry
If running hotels or resorts is your dream, the catering industry is your ticket. Start with small shops that offer snacks or tobacco and enjoy a -50% employee salary cost bonus.

Service Industry
Manage service related stores such as barbershops, massage parlors, and tattoo shops. The service sector has a +10% increased success rate of recruiting experienced employees.


Internet connection.

Website: Business Tycoon Online

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Business Tycoon Online game

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8 Comentarios de Business Tycoon Online

  1. Archer255

    Business Tycoon Online promised to be a fun experience yet with the changes made without notification to the general player population its become one of the worst MMOs I’m encountered. When asking a CSR about a problem you eventually encounter the answer of “its an original setting” and then brushed off.

    Even when seriously glaring problems are pointed out to them in great detail most of the time its ignored. The opening over 19 servers in close to 5 months since coming out of closed beta doesn’t help things either when they barely have the player base to fill 4 servers at best.

    So beware of this game if you do attempted.

  2. Jacobs

    This game promotes itself on the merits of the Chinese (asian) version, which is better developed and balanced then the international one. The versions are not comparable.

    The international version is far less balanced and achievements are mostly based on luck or entering a server early on. There seem to be not that much of competition because of this unbalancing and servers are quickly dying out because of this. Playerbase is small on servers.

    The game is refreshing and new because of the general idea/concept behind it, but it gets boring and not much satisfaction is felt after just 2 weeks of play.

    A real turn off is Customer Service, with a lot of complaints left unsolved. The game is flooded by bugs and issues like memory overflow. New improvements focus on added luck games, like lottery et cetera instead of improving the game. The general feeling is that the company is focusing on profit instead of playerbase and satisfaction.

  3. disgruntled BTO customer

    The concept of this game is great, but the customer service is horrendous, the game is incredibly expensive in real money to do well, and even as a good customer you are treated as if you do not matter! Avoid this game at all costs.

  4. chuck

    This game is what it is. What it isn’t is a “business simulation”.

  5. Vlad

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of major bugs in the game which have not been fixed for years. These bugs are really annoying, particularly when you become competitive. The servers are overloaded which results in frequent 502 errors on the user’s end. Their customer support is really useless. It seems the tech department cannot handle most of the technical issues connected the program code. Rewards are delivered 3-4 weeks after the events, when you don’t really need them. The whole game is strongly oriented in the favour of the owner. Only those who can invest a lot of $$ in this game are competitive. Players who do not buy gold cannot really participate in the race of events. Please consider all this well before you join the BTO game. And please remember that on top of the said above, the game is addictive, which sometimes makes you spending more than you budget, so you may find yourself one day without money. Good luck!

  6. Anon

    I agree this game and all Dovo games are greedy thieving so called developers. I was playing Richstate and like the disgruntled customer above.I too am one I don’t mind spending money for a good game and for good game play but these games are only based on them stealing your real money and getting away with it they put percent rates on gold purchases so if you fail upgrading anything your out that 400-4000 gold trying to upgrade things that is 50-200 real dollars. they are very cheap with there gold all there items are so costly and the guild members judge you on how much you do or don’t spend most of there tasks quests all have to do with spending gold and not just a little but a ton and with not much to show for all your real cash going in there back pockets. I say Help get Dovo Games off the internet boycot them and there games

  7. Phorc

    The premise of this game is GREAT, everything else really stinks and is actually getting worse. This game has more lag than any MMORPG that I have ever played including 70+ man raids in EQ1 and 40 man raids in wow vanilla when blizzard had major issues. BTW, this is not an MMORPG, it is a text based game.

    When you have issues besides lag and their queues not working — trying to talk to customer service is an absolute joke. They use a translator to swap english for chinese and the result is very frustrating on both parts.

    And to prove the point that they know about the issues and will not do anything, they have ported the game to the iPad and here is their in game sales pitch…

    “Grab your iPad and search BTO in Appstore. You will experience the classic business sim game, a game with no lag, no Bunny and no Gold events.”

    Seriously? “A game with no lag”?

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    Hello there! This blog post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this. I’ll forward this article to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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