Business Tycoon Online releases “Energy System”

DOVOGAME has announced the new gameplay feature “Energy System” will be released this week. This release marks another great gameplay innovation from DOVOGAME, and rings in the new “Oil Era” for Business Tycoon Online. The Energy System is designed to have a great influence on players’ factories and stores, while at the same time providing gameplay that replicates what it must have felt like to be a real Oil Tycoon.

Oil, also known as “Black Gold”, is the one of the most expensive and powerful energy sources in the world. In Business Tycoon Online, a new zone named “Energy Zone” will be established. The “Energy Zone” will be divided into 10 sections and in every section there will be 10 Oil Fields. Each player will try to hold on to their one field as they attempt to constantly upgrade and control the blood of industry!

In the “Energy System”, players can build an Oil Well and search for Oil on an unoccupied Oil Field. Every day, they can expect to receive a certain amount of Oil, but remember searching for Oil is a costly endeavor. While they are drilling for Oil players can also establish a Refinery where the Oil can be refined into more valuable Gas and Diesel. Gas can be used to bring bonus revenue to stores and Diesel can be used to increase the production speed of a factory.

Crude Oil and the refined products “Gas” and “Diesel” will be kept in players “Warehouse-Raw Material” automatically after they have been produced. These products can all be sold on the market; the fun for players will come in how to set the prices to control the market!

Expensive energy rights are often a trigger for war and BTO Oil is no exception. Player’s possession of the exploration rights does not automatically mean they can enjoy the black fortune forever. Besides the high expense of exploration and survey, players also must maintain their Oil Well regularly. Players must also concern themselves with protecting their Oil Well from being attacked by others or be faced with a drop in Durability or even the destruction of their entire Oil Well.

Also to respond to players’ tremendous enthusiasm and wild demands, DOVOGAME has announced the release of the 10th server “Hollywood” at 05:00 a.m. April 29, 2010. Wealth, honor, fame, cooperation and competition all await you! Come get your name up in lights, as you work toward a Business Empire and the right to carve your legend into the Walk of Fame.

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