Burda:ic has announced Forsakia

Munich-based game publisher burda:ic, a leading provider of free-to-play online games worldwide, today announced the autumn launch of browser-based MMO Forsakia: The Lost Clans for their alaplaya gaming platform. This Platform hosts games like Audition, Fantasy Tennis, S4 League, Florensia, and Avalon Heroes. Created by Japanese game developer Gold Sky, Forsakia will be released in parts of Europe, including Russia and Turkey, the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

“After Land of Chaos Online, this is the next high-quality, free-to-play game that we will be releasing simultaneously in Europe and North America as a western publisher," said Ingo Griebl, managing director of burda:ic.

“Forsakia is our first browser-only game. It provides players with an easy-to-access online RPG that is not only graphically impressive, but also includes complex features that have typically been limited to client-based games,” said Achim Kaspers, also a managing director of burda:ic.

Forsakia: The Lost Clans is set in Jianghu, a fabled land once governed by mighty clans that fell victim to a great tragedy. It is still unknown who or what caused their demise, but Jianghu has been immersed in chaos ever since. Now, it is up to the players to restore hope to this world by facing the powers of darkness, defeating monsters, and proving themselves as heroes.

Forsakia offers everything an RPG fan’s heart desires: player vs. player (PvP) combat, a pet system, six unique classes to choose from, guilds, individual houses for players to furnish, and much more. The huge, mysterious game world is brought to life with colorfully detailed graphics and experienced from an overhead, isometric perspective.

The upcoming launches of Land of Chaos Online and Forsakia are a key part of burda:ic’s plans to expand their alaplaya gaming portal. They hope to provide a targeted ten million users worldwide with up to ten high-quality MMO titles by 2011.

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