Budokai Tenkaichi in Dragon’s Call

Players who love Dragon Ball must be impressed by its Budokai Tenkaichi (The globe martial arts tournament). And, now, Dragon's Call unveils the Sacred Wings, a similar competition system where players are not required to fully involve in the competition. If only they have signed up, they can take part in it offline.

Players are allowed to enter for the competition from Monday to Thursday and the system will arrange opponents automatically. As the competition is classified into the single, pair and group (3 vs. 3) mode, players may choose any one according to their preference. The system will calculate the total points every Thursday evening and determine the top 16 players to enter the finals which will be held on Friday all day. The competition will come to a climax at that moment when candidates will compete more vigorously with each other for the final victory.

Check here all you need to know about Dragon's Call. And visit its official website.

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