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Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle is a free-to-play browser-based fantasy MMORPG set centuries after the original Crystal Saga. In this time of war and strife, players will find their beliefs and loyalties tested as they struggle to find a new and worthy ruler for Vidalia. Truth and honour are no longer simple concepts as family members resort to murder and theft to claim the crown.


After the defeat of the Undead and the evil Ice Queen, the kingdom of Vidalia prospered in peace under the reign of King Valcroy, becoming the centre of trade, commerce, and protection. But one fateful day, Hitomi VII, the warrior queen, was assassinated without a direct heir to the throne. Nephews, cousins, uncles, all laid claim to the throne and the unity of the kingdom was quickly torn apart. Prince Rycroft, one of the former queen’s nephew and a ruthless man hungry for power, had the strongest claim to the throne and was able to take control of the capital city of Everglade and proclaimed himself king of all Vidalia. While the city itself is mostly stable, constant threats from rival claimants and enemy outlying lands has led to constant battle. Vidalia is in need of brave warriors ready to support the claims of King Rycroft in order to bring stability back to the realm.


- A captivating storyline
- 12 classes to choose from
- Wisdom system: study your enemies, learn their weaknesses to grow in knowledge and increase your battle rating.
- Over 60 guild events and PvP events every day including guild battles, guild events, guild campaigns, guild shopping, and so much more.
- Fight the dragon and steal her hoard.
-Deadly dungeons: reach the top of the leader board in single-player, multi-player, and PvP dungeons.
- Turn monsters to minions: any monster in Broken Realm can become your pet and fight by your side.
- Daily events and weekly activities: battlegrounds, treasure hunts, PvP battles, BOSS fights, delivery quests, and more.


Barbarian - Blessed with excellent defensive attributes, high HP and high physical attack power, the Barbarian is a real tank and a melee DPS class. The Barbarian advanced classes include:

- Berserker: The combination of enormous strength and short-tempers makes him an ideal killing machine.
- Lord: Possessing high defensive attributes, he’s able to help allies survive enemy attacks.
- Veteran: Having survived countless wars, he has become fearless and expert in combat strategy.

Paladin - The stealthy paladin presents another melee DPS class. Paladins utilize a combination of brute force and strong magic in order to kill their foes before those even have a chance to react. The Paladin advanced classes include:

- Pyroblade: Able to enchant their weapons with fire elements, they perform very powerful physical attack.
- Frostblade: Shooting blasts of freezing-cold air from their swords, they attack foes from afar.
- Spiritblade: Their swords being infused with the power of their souls, they have an exceptionally high magic defence and healing powers.

Archer - Archers are masters of control, causing critical hits while effectively dodging. Preferring to keep their enemies at a distance, this ranged DPS class utilizes bows and traps to subdue their foes. The Archer advanced classes include:

- Marksman: Have the ability to quickly identify and attack an enemy's weak spot.
- Assassin: Trained in the dark arts, they are able to turn enemies to stone, felling them with ease.
- Phantom: Elusive and highly intelligent, they can walk amongst their enemies without being seen.

Mage - Intelligent fighters, mages are versatile and highly valued in any party, healing and strengthening their allies, while ravaging their enemies. The Mage advanced classes include:

- Warlock: Masters of the elements, they cast powerful spells to attack large groups of foes at once.
- Chrononaut: Not only able to travel through time and space at will, they also manipulate it to attack their foes.
- Cleric: With faith as their guide, they are able to harness light energy to both heal allies and attack enemies.


Players may raise their character’s military rank by earning honour from completing quests, battlegrounds and killing players. Upon reaching a certain military rank, you can visit the field commander in Everglade to be promoted. With every military promotion, your character’s attributes will increase.

Players with a military rank may receive a daily pay from the field commander as well as various sets of PvP equipment. To obtain these pieces of equipment insignia, which can be found in battlegrounds, are required.


Broken Realm provides its players with a forge interface allowing them to synthesize materials into various pieces of equipment and weapons, recycle equipment and receive various materials in return, and to randomly alter the properties of a piece of equipment by refining it.

Enchanting is a great way to improve weapons and armour, requiring a certain amount of gold and offering a different success rate as the enchantment level increases. With each successful enchantment, the item’s enchantment level will increase while it will decrease if the enchantment fails. Safety stones may be used to lower the failure penalties and to enhance the enchantment success rate.


There are five PK modes in Broken Realm, each with their own purpose and function:

Peace mode - Players cannot attack anyone.

Justice mode - Only players who are in evil mode can be attacked.

Evil mode - Players in evil mode can attack anyone.

Guild mode - Anyone that is not in your current guild can be attacked.

Party mode - Players can attack anyone that is not in their current party.

When a player’s PK score reaches 5, they will be transported to the royal prison when returning to Everglade or when reviving. In order to leave it, the PK score must be 0 again. There are several ways to reduce one’s PK level: waiting, purchasing penance potions in the item shop, cleaning up the waste, killing or bribing the warden.


Processor: Celeron 2.13 GHz
Memory: 512 MB RAM
HDD: 400 MB free space
Display: WXGA (1280 x 720)
Network: 512K ADSL

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