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What would a seafarer be without his ship? On 25th November, five new types of ship will be launching down the Bounty Bay Online slipway: With the release of the ‚Beyond the Horizon’ add-on, five new ship types are being introduced, each one being exclusively available to an individual character class. Players will be able to obtain the magnificent caravels exclusively in the new cities of the north and south American continents, they will also only be available to high level seadogs. The following ships will be assigned to the individual characters as shown below:

• Royal Military Officer: Royal Multi Mast Armor Ship

• Armed Businessman: Heavy Multi Mast Trade Ship

• Imperial Guardian: Guardian Multi Mast Vessel

• Caribbean Pirate: Multi Mast Ghost Ship

• Treasure Hunter: Heavy Multi Mast Minelayer

bbo_royal_multi_mast_armor_ship bbo_guardian_multi_mast_vessel


All of the ships are not only visually different from one another, they also differentiate themselves in their cargo capacity, manoeuvrability, size of crew and number of cannon. For example, the Royal Military Officer braves the dangers of the ocean with a very robust ship loaded with cannon, while the Treasure Hunter sails the seven seas with an extremely manoeuvrable, speedy vessel.


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