Bounty bay Online: capital cities activated

Starting today, Frogster has activated the capital cities of the merchant’s alliances in Bounty Bay Online for the first time. From Friday at 20:00 CET the cities of Alexandria, Venice, Lisbon, Bordeaux and Amsterdam can be attacked and taken over by guilds in the merchant’s alliances. The existing city battles for War- and Commercial cities now have new times at the weekends. The encounters between the guilds fighting for dominance now offer additional tactical possibilities and exciting battles at sea and on land thanks to the readjustment and merging of city battle times as well as the implementation of merchant battles. These merchant cites which are now ready to be besieged, as well as the reorganization of the existing city battles, offer ‘city-less’ guilds in particular the opportunity to capture cities which up to now were defended by very large and influential guilds and alliances.

The eight cities which are available for city battles are divided into two categories ‘War Cities’ and ‘Materials Cities’. Both types can be conquered by guilds at certain times. Up until now the battles for the eight cities have been split evenly over four days with only two cities per day being allowed to be conquered. The compressing of the wars down to two days immediately demands additional tactical finesse from players, since guilds will on the one hand have a greater choice of cities to fight over and on the other, will also have to make sure that their own cities are adequately defended. War cities such as Oslo and Cape Town can with immediate effect be taken from 19:00 on Saturdays. As soon as a guild has captured one of the cities after a successful land and sea battle, and manages to keep it occupied, the guild will be awarded access to useful battle items. Material cities such as London and Nagasaki, among others, can be defended from 19:00 on Saturdays against potential occupiers and will enrich their regents with valuable resources.

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