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In less than two weeks the ‘Beyond the Horizon' add-on will be topping up the world of Bounty Bay Online with a whole load of game content. From 25th November the new add-on, together with comprehensive features such as six new cities, a new continent and five new character classes, will be offering all European players the opportunity to join fleet and merchant alliances in addition to guilds. Since even the bravest of seafarers knows that the support of a strong group on a journey of adventure or in a sea battle is virtually indispensible. The simplest linking of individual players is when they join a fleet which is linked to a guild of their choice. Guilds and fleets are in turn always members of particular merchant alliances, of which there are five to choose from. The Islamic, Western Mediterranean, Iberian, English Channel, or Netherlands Merchant Alliance. Individual players can either join an alliance directly, or become a member by joining a fleet or a guild, or found one of these themselves, since they are always linked to a particular merchant alliance. The higher the level of a guild, the more fleets can affiliate with it and the stronger the alliance becomes to which the guilds and fleets belong. All five merchant alliances have their own home city and are supported by the neighbouring harbour towns which are starting points for numerous daily quests with special rewards.

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