Blitz1941: release of the Conquering System

In Blitz1941 eFusion MMOG GmbH is doing the biggest patch ever in the history of this game. The release of the long awaited Conquering System, which will enable all players not only to fight room per room. In the new Conquering System every map is part of this great system and enables them to take opportunity of the strategic and tactical benefits it will offer as well.

The Conquering System will fully change the way Blitz1941 could be played now, and will make it possible for every player to benefit from the achievements of their nation. Additionally a new NPC Support tank system will be introduced! This improved system will bring to every map some special NPC Support tanks that will not only fight real players, but also the normal NPC tanks which are already part of Blitz1941.

Check here all you need to know about Blitz1941.

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