Blacklight Retribution will be giving away $1,000 US dollars every day, with the upcoming ’30 Days of Fight’ event

Perfect World International has announced that Blacklight Retribution will be giving away $1,000 US dollars every day during the upcoming '30 Days of Fight' event. From Thursday, August 16 through Friday, September 14, one player will be selected to win $1,000 dollars each and every day.

During the '30 Days of Fight' event, players who complete a match in the game, will receive one ticket. Those who win a match will receive two tickets. At the end of each day, a random drawing will be held to determine who will walk home $1,000 dollars richer. Blacklight Retribution players are encouraged to complete and win as many matches as possible to increase their chances of winning.

"We can't wait to see the competition heat up once we start upping the stakes with a grand prize of $1,000 dollars on the line every day for 30 days," said Product Manager Clifton Chu. "Following the recent launch of Blacklight Retribution on Steam, we think the '30 Days of Fight' will be an amazing and fun challenge to players. Everyone better get ready to skip work and start training right now."

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