Black Prophecy will be published by Gamigo

Gamigo AG and Reakktor Media GmbH have officially announced that they will be working together on the highly-anticipated space action MMOG Black Prophecy. gamigo owns the global distribution and publishing rights for the game. The Hamburg-based publisher thus lays the foundation for a new focus on becoming a global publisher and producer of free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Games. Black Prophecy is expected go into closed beta testing in April 2010.

Patrick Streppel, member of the gamigo executive board, is enthusiastic about the new game: "Reakktor's Black Prophecy will breathe life back into a genre previously forgotten. The game features graphics of the highest quality, a rich and meaningful story, and strong community features. Since we've begun collaborating with Reakktor, we have expanded greatly upon the concept of the game and thus are able to offer one of the first top-of-the-line free-to-play MMOGs."

A lot has happened in the development of Black Prophecy in the past few weeks. The biggest change has been the new direction as a free-to-play online game, previously unheard of for a game of this quality. Among other things, a crafting system was added and the layout of the game world was opened up. In-game dialogue will be recorded by professional voice actors. The one-and-a-half hour long orchestral soundtrack provides a rich and varied score of background music.

Kirk Lenke, CEO of Reakktor Media GmbH, said "We are excited to have found such a strong partner in gamigo for the publishing and distribution of our space action MMOG Black Prophecy. gamigo has the necessary skills and abilities to turn our product into a global MMOG blockbuster."

Check here all you need to know about Black Prophecy. And visit its official website.

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