Black Gold Online’s presents its vehicular combat

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Snail Games has presented a new video that highlights one of the most important aspects of Black Gold Online’s PvP system: vehicular combat. In the game you can can obtain different vehicles during the main quests or completing various battleground achievements, which you can improve with advancement paths and customizations. Players are going to be able to use them both in the game world or in the battlegrounds.

In the video you can see in action five of these vehicles, and the game will feature more than 100 specialized mounts divided into five types: Raid, Aerial, Anti-Air, Penetration and Assault. Each type has different advantages and weaknesses, which will make tactical battle formations vital to achieve victory.

Black gold vehicles RW3 Black gold vehicles RW4 Black gold vehicles RW1 Black gold vehicles RW2

Source of information: Snail Games press release.


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