Black Gold Online changes its monetisation system for North America

Snail Games has unveiled new details of the Black Gold Online system "Black Gold Time", an ambitious attempt to alter the F2P model without implementing a cash shop. After the presentation of the Black Gold Online monetisation system, and the speculation that the system will be identical across the globe has recently touched off a heated discussion among the community of players. Therefore, Snail games have decided to release a different version of the system in North America, to offer a complete different game play experience.

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In short, the changes that will be in the American version are that you can get all levels of items and equipment in-game via questing, battegrounds, auction and world drops as there will be no loot lock and all content will be available for all players. The time save system is plannedĀ  to act as simply a bonus, completely optional feature to the normal progression of the game, which will not affect the PvE experience and the PvP ranks. In addition, the time save system will reward extra loot to players with higher efficiency.

Source of information: Snail Games press release


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