Birthday updates for Dragonica

Dragonica  will celebrate its first birthday on June 10, 2010. With the biggest extension to the game imminent, Dragonica will be celebrating in style. A year since the start of the Open Beta Phase, the world of Dragotaka will see the addition of a colourful birthday cake and the return of the Cookie Factory mission map. The Paris Strikes Back extension coming later this June will also include the brand new Monster Card system.


Dragonica – Paris Strikes Back will feature a new way for players to broaden their skills. The Monster Cards available through the Wanted quests enable players to increase their maximum skill level. Additionally, the forging of particular cards with the class NPC allows players to increase their skill level even further with certain Monster Cards allowing the increase of certain skills.

To celebrate Dragonica’s first birthday, the Cookie Factory will be making a surprise return to Dragotaka! This much-loved mission map was already available in-game for a short period in February and will be reintroduced for the birthday celebrations. It will remain open until the launch of the Paris Strikes Back extension. Full of chocolate, ice cream and strange cake monsters, this offers colourful and entertaining additional content to players of all levels.

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