Bigpoint has presented its new free to play browser MMO, Fantasyrama

Bigpoint has presented its new free to play browser online game Fantasyrama. In the game you can find a magical game adventure in a fantastical world with lots of mystical inhabitants.

"Deep in the forest, among pines and heather, lies the secluded world of FantasyRama - a magic game world full of wonder and magic. A world that remains hidden to many of us. In the shadow of the Great Tree of Life lives an array of elves, pixies and mystical forest creatures. Alas, humanity has lost the ability to harness the power of magic, and as a result The Great Tree of Life is losing its power.

Embark on a magical game adventure in FantasyRama and experience this fantastical world and its mystical inhabitants. See magic elves and enchanting pixies first hand. Learn everything there is to know about the wondrous world of FantasyRama and protect the magic game world in the shadow of The Great Tree of Life. Gain the wisdom needed to cultivate alluring herbs and plants. Use powerful elixirs to protect the peaceful forest creatures in FantasyRama. FantasyRama needs your help to survive and bring back better days."

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