Bigpoint Celebrates Summer with In-Game Events

Here are the latest events and promotions that Bigpoint has to offer to your gamers in the upcoming weeks.

Borsty has opened a new casino, and has hired everyone's favourite trickster, Gree D. Weasel, to work for him. They've promised not to cheat though!
Beat these scoundrels at a game of dice and earn great rewards in FARMERAMA’s Snake Eyes event, from 27th July until 2nd August.
This event, featuring a brand new mini-game mechanic, is sure to engage farmers and improve player perception whilst also increasing revenue.

DarkOrbit Reloaded
From 17th until 31st July, seize the beacons, control transmissions, own the galaxy and gain highly valued rewards during the Domination event. This event will help drive activity as well as increase concurrent users online and session length.

In addition, the UBA Seasons will also be taking place throughout the whole of July.

Dragan of the Damned still has his sights on devastating the lands of Dracania! Enter Castle Ravencaw in Kingshill to try and foil his plans in the Rage of Dragan event, until the 16th July.

From 20th until 31st July, use powerful Soul Eater Ammo to hunt down the Admiral and stop a magical plague from reaching the Safe Havens in the Armada of the Dead event!
Expect activity to increase as well as the session length and concurrent users online.

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