Become a great leader event in 4story

"To strengthen the community and encourage the growth of new players, we have prepared this event". 4Story announced that guild cultivating event will get started from today. 4Story has more than 500 guild in its community and each and every of guild masters can get tremendous reward, 10,000 cash points ($100 worth), with simply recruiting new player and encouraging them to be an active member. This time, the reward is very straightforward and it is game money. If you are not a guild master in 4story, you would better run into the game now and form a guild as your own first.

Event details:

Starts from 21th May (PST).

Event Contents
1. Recruit new players to your guild.
2. Help and support them so they can be active guild members.
3. When you make a result of 30 players that joined your guild, and achieved level 30, submit 1:1 inquiry, or tell it to a GM whose online.
4. GMs will check data, and when it is confirmed that you reached the goal, you will be rewarded.

Check here all you need to know about 4story. And visit its official website.

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