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Developed by Cornered Rat Software and Playnet Inc. for Windows and Mac.


World War II Online: Battleground Europe is a massively multi-player online first-person shooter computer game (MMOFPS). The game is set in 1940-43 World War II Europe. It is a virtual battlefield, a combined arms war simulation. A player can command or crew a variety of accurately modeled aircraft, armored fighting vehicles, anti-tank guns, anti-aircraft artillery, and three naval vessels, or fight as a foot-soldier with a variety of infantry weapons. The game is played in real time alongside or against other players as German, British and French forces in a persistent world. Command structures and missions provide strategic and tactical layers while ranks provide a RPG layer by demonstrating leadership roles. WWIIOL online uses a ½ scale map of Western Europe with 30,000 km² of accurate terrain (800 m resolution satellite data).


The game is team-oriented. Players are various troops, pilots, gunners, tank commanders, naval destroyer captains, mission leaders, high commanders and are organized into brigades. Everyone plays in the brigade of their choice. Smaller military units of heavily-themed squads are independently managed by players and can use their own tactics but follow the brigade and strategic rules set by the high command players and cooperate with other squads and non-squad players. Being a squad member is optional but encouraged. Some squads have vigorous membership rites. Anyone can, however, form their own squad, solicit members and register the squad with the high command for brigade assignment.

The position of the front lines on the map is updated every 5 minutes on World War II Online's home pageEach player holds a title of rank, based on the military ranks of the time. Ranks are gained through a performance-based scoring system. Rank is never lost as a result of an unsuccessful mission or death.

There are two sides: Axis vs. Allied. The Axis consists of the German forces and the Allies are the combined British (UK) and French forces. The rest of Europe, the rest of the British Commonwealth, the United States, Soviet Union, China or Japan have not been introduced into the WW2 simulation yet. Players can choose to play Axis or Allies and may switch sides after waiting a mandatory period of fifteen minutes that begins when they resign from their current side.

Gameplay takes place in a single game world, which is a 1/2 scale map of Western Europe. It is the largest MMOG game world map, at over 350,000 km², with most play occurring in a 30,000 km² central area in which most capturable cities, airfields and ports have been placed. Two alternate servers are available for training events and beta testing the next version respectively.

The general organization of the forces is historical. SS units are excluded, along with all political elements (for example, the Nazi Party, the Gestapo and swastika).


There are three states of occupation through which a town progresses during the process of capture, they are termed "contention", "control" and "ownership". Much of the game's tactical, strategic and supply systems are dependent on these three states. You can use the "/own" command to see the status of your current town, or you can select a target on the map to query a specific town.

Ownership of a town indicates which side last had complete ownership of a town. To take ownership of an enemy town you must capture and hold all of the facilities until the town becomes uncontested with no enemy flags remaining in the town.

A town is said to be "Contested", "Contended" or "In Contention" when the enemy holds one or more of its facilities.

At any given time, a town is said to be controlled by the side who last held all of the town's Armybase facilities. In a town with a single Armybase, this is clearcut - whomever holds the Armybase controls the town. In a town with multiple army bases, control can be non-obvious. If any Army Brigades are in a town when the other side takes control, they are routed and cannot return to the town until their side retakes control of the town.


The damage model in WWIIOL is realism based. Within the limits of modern technology, it simulates real world kinetic damage to the game world. Vehicle are modeled with their essential critical components, such as engine, fuel tanks, etc. The components interact as if they were the real machine. For example, a punctured fuel tank will cause loss of fuel which will eventually cause the engine to run out of fuel causing the engine to stop. Damaged components also provide feedback into the simulation model; For example, for aircraft, damage to flight surfaces will result in increased drag and reduced performance of the vehicle. Vehicles are modeled, within reasonable technical limits, to historically accurate detail.


Battleground Europe is just $14.99USD per month to play but you can save by switching to a pre-pay. By choosing a 12 month pre-paid subscription your can save almost $50.00USD a year. Click on 'I would like to modify my payment plan' from your subscription details page.


Official website.


Windows XP Service Pack 2
2.0+ GHz CPU (Dual Core Processor Recommended)
1 GB of RAM (2 GB Recommended)
128 MB Dedicated 3D Video Card (OpenGL v1.2 and Shader 2.0 compliant)

OS X (version 10.5 minimum) or higher
Apple Macintosh Dual G5 (tower models) processor or Intel CPU.
1GB RAM (2GB recommended)
128 MB video card (OpenGL v1.2 compliant)
Broadband internet connection: 128+ Mbps
2GB free hard drive space (more if you take many Screen Shots, or record video)
USB joystick highly recommended

Website: Battleground Europe

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25 Comentarios de Battleground Europe

  1. randomuser143

    a really awful game:
    1- the graphics are outdated considering the time it has been released
    2- numerous bugs to ruin your fun, from hampering your vision with a nonstop concussion, players complain about CTD and connection losses over the help channel, tanks can commonly spawn on fire on with a crew dead or sometimes even instantly explode for no reason
    3- hit detections are really bad and alot of the tanks and equipment are nerfed
    4- the reporting function won’t help you if you come across a cheater or incident where you been abused by another player, its really only responded to when you experience a major bug where you cannot play
    5- the community is really awful, there is always bickering in the chat channels, the HQ often makes silly mistakes

    overall in this game you rarely see teamwork unless its a squad doing there own thing, because after all everyone wants to rank up and get the most kills, dont expect the developers to listen to your suggestions or fix any of your bug reports and for such a stupid monthly fee for such a poorly maintained game

  2. Alpha10

    Someone visited the US and returned back and said: Dam i found sex everywhere in the US, After 1 week another visiter returned back from the US and said: oh god US is full of churches.

    Its only what you been looking for, The game is cool, maybe graphics need more improvements but that does not ruin the fun of the gameplay, I played the trial for 3 days then subscribed, I believe that the game will be better and better in the future, Well its not the FPS you used to play (All Rambos), This game need patience and tactics and teamwork.

  3. Johann72

    I believe that this game is unique. Now, you may argue that “the graphics are terrible”, but look at all the people who still play Battlefield 2 or Counter Strike!
    There is also a distinct property of this game, that unique part. This one game where you benefit from taking cover, patiently waiting, or shooting first, not your standard Call of Duty bunny-hop-until-you-can-melee approach.
    Its not perfect, but no game is. Nothing is.

  4. whipperman

    A very unquie and enjoyable game… but… Recently , this game has become unstable and for alot of players ‘un-playable’ with very frequent ctd and cthl issues.. Play at your own risk but would be better to wait until the next patch.

  5. Awesome dude


    You say the community is horrible? The community in Battleground Europe is one of the most mature ones I’ve ever come across, and funny people too.

    Usually people in fps games bitch all the time, and people in mmos bitch all the time, but the community of BGE is mostly calm and relaxed, like you’d expect it from people who can lurk in a bush for an hour.

    The graphics, well, yea. Outdated but it serves its purpose. I would love more variety of vegetation too of course, anyone would. But the view distance is excellent and I get a good fps rate.

    And poorly maintained.. well it’s still running after 10 years and people still play it, and it’s fun, and the servers are stable.

    Teamwork does happen in this game, but it takes a lot of concentration and you can’t always expect everyone to be 100% into it atm.

    So much just for the defence of BGE! 🙂

  6. Awesome dude

    The trailer tries to make it look like a different kind of action than it is, though. XD

  7. Joe

    November 2011. In an attempt to bring back players who have un-subscribed CRS offers full access to former players for a special mini-campaign.

    Save yourself a lot of grief and just say no.

    Other than the first day or two of the mini-campaign it would seem there are fewer players in game than a year ago even with “tens of thousands” invites sent to former players offering full access for free during the mini-campaign. I think, like myself, hundreds (or to be generous — maybe a couple thousand or so) gave it another try. Log in now and draw your own conclusions as to how many have stayed past the first or second day. All the new features don’t fix the core problems of the past and it’s unclear at best if any access to all these new things will be had once the regular campaign cycle begins again.

    And, icing on the cake… Price is now $17.99/month UNLESS you commit to a longer term contract where you have to pay an early termination fee if you don’t continue paying the monthly rate you agreed to for the period agreed to (just like a wireless phone contract).

    Considering what’s on the line and with “tens of thousands” of potential past players returning… well there should be someone from CRS in the game keeping everything looking good and the battles flowing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (inclusive of holidays or long holiday weekends). That’s what you do when you life’s work is on the line and you want to save it.

    No matter the hours you’ve worked getting the new code rolled out or holidays or anything else.

    You do or you die. Seems more die than do as the mini campaign enters its second week.

    Crash after crash after crash. Either full server crash where everyone is disconnected or client crashes and lost connections impacting single players.

    Lower and lower player numbers each day.

    A stalled out battle where there’s no point in either side trying to press as with each server crash much of the current progress is lost, supply in the field is lost and the game grinds on in a grand downward spiral of dysfunction.

    And when the game isn’t crashing there’s the ongoing problem of little leadership in the game. Depending upon time of day you log in you might see a bit of organization which leads to a hour or so of fun — but I’ve seen too many evenings around 7 to 9 PM Eastern USA time where there’s no upper level (HC) direction and player after player after player begging for direction or supply or ANYTHING with no response.

    CRS has led something of a charmed existence with a dedicated core player base that suffer through anything and everything — even with some paying far above the normal monthly rates to support the game and keep it going. Unfortunately — I think this has led CRS to the point it’s at now.

    All the new graphics, player unit types and weapons in the world can not and will not fix a game that is fundamentally flawed in its management.

    This game to me is, sadly, becoming so much like that story from the sinking of The Titanic — the band playing on as they sink into the icy water never to play again. What else could they do? No life boats, no rescue coming — just play on and hope the next life (game) is better.

  8. FoxFive

    This game is fucking terrible. Don’t waste your money on it. 124 dollars for a year’s subscription?? Yhea fucking right. This game is horribly flawed in so many aspects that its laughable really.And the 124 dollar a year price tag?

  9. Ripoffs

    Game has more bugs than ever. Company is banning people for complaining in their closed to the public forums, wonder why that is. Over 8 months ago the company plastered all sorts of equipment, new map designs, and Americans as coming into the game. All they put in were more bugs, Americans not in game, no equipment they advertised is in game and they instead shut off 90% of the map and shoeboxed everyone and called it new.

    Don’t waste your money.

  10. jonny

    the patch they released in nov 2011 made alot of stuff go wacky, but it seems to run way more stable now. we get americans at a certain point in the production phase which happens over time in a campaign, and the french stuff pretty much goes away at that point. alot of players running around with bazookas right now cuz they just got introduced, but i like the parachuting missions best. pretty intense game, you cant just hide in your favorite place on the map like the counter-strike type games.

  11. Dan

    Pointless game that has many of it’s core featues bugged and unfixed from the launch of this game in 2000-2001, Don’t waste a subscription on this, just use free trials to fill your fancy, 12.99 is far too much for something EA wouldn’t even relese (did I just say that….fuck it I did just this ONCE) Go play Heroes and Generals Alpha, it’s in better shape then this has been for 12 years…

  12. Mark

    Great game! I have been playing this off and on since it came out in 2001. It has a steep learning curve sure, but the feeling of accomplishment that comes from becoming more and more proficient with a given weapon or tactic is second to none in terms of first person shooters and simulations. Further, this is the only game where I have actually had my heart rate go up during missions where myself and other squad mates had to low crawl around enemy armor or infantry that were looking for us. It is just my opinion, but this game definitely rewards a patient and mature player.

    Some other cool elements are the fact that large battles can be very intense and will go on for hours sometimes as key locations change hands back and forth. During those battles you will see the full gambit of equipment hammering away at each other in towns and in the fields as friendly and enemy air dog fight over head and drop bombs on targets on the ground.

    As for the cost…well $124 for the year comes out to $10 for each month. They also have a six month plan that is around $79, and there is the month to month option as well. I’ve never had issues with billing and the $124 is chump change compared to what many will drop on a bar tab in one weekend night.

    As for the problems with lag or crashes. There are some of those issues, but I’ve experienced those types of faults with other online shooter games as well. Further, the in game graphics and environment/simulation quality is not that bad considering the areal extent of the map and the towns that populate it. I might add that the developer has made some nice changes over the years and the look and feel is so much better than where it was in 2001, 2002, 2003 and so on.

    All in all, I would recommend this game to players who are looking for some intense battles and overall game play that rewards a little patience and dedication.

  13. Bronco

    Why WWIIOL (Battleground Europe) is nearly dead

    Yes, I said it, WWIIOL is nearly dead. It lay on the table with IV’s in each arm, pain killers pumping through out its system, and closest family in the room over seeing the last few breaths.

    It is a sad deal, but to one of the thousands of players that have “been around a while” it’s nothing of a shock. You see, WWIIOL has been dieing for YEARS. Sort of a slow death with not so many signs of pain either. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the last couple years have been pain filled. Forum rumbles, mass quitting, staff leaving, server crashing, game instability, and the ever important “shut up there is nothing wrong” attitude shoved in the player base faces during it were the neon lighted signs of the time. But before the last couple years it was pretty good times.

    Enough about what we already know. Now on to the cause of this…..

    These are just opinions of mine, but some pretty strong indicators turned me to writing this report and stating these items. I’m not a professional writer as you can already see, but I still wanted to point out some things that might be used yet to save some aspect of the game or some other game/community teetering on the edge of death.

    CRS is ultimately responsible. There is no way around it. Its missteps, blindness, and stubbornness are the #1 reasons this game is nearly dead.

    You see, in any business, you must have a solid core to work with. From this core foundation you can build an empire on. CRS had this I believe and worked on the building quite well for many years. At some point though, they fell into the thinking that they knew it all, or at least that is how they were perceived by the community, after all they were the first MMORG large scale map game developers right!!! The requests of long time players and really the overall community fell upon deaf ears. Yes, you see, CRS was not in the wrong, ever (in their own minds). They brushed it off as a “few” upset people that got killed online over and over to many times and were just venting. Yes, that’s it! It’s not us, they thought, its just those stupid people out there (our customers). “F” them, they are not programmers or marketing majors……..we are smarter then they!

    Well, that perceived thinking went on for 4 years. More people barked, so that meant there just were more crazy people out there trying to kill off CRS and its ultimate game that would never die.


    The problems that the community saw and seen coming were there and are what the game is dealing with now. CRS dug a huge hole for itself and in some respect are still blaming the community for its woes.

    The lack of players does not have anything to do with lack of community support. Being around 10 years is proof enough you had support, CRS. You had builders (some didn’t even get their statues). The lack of players is directly related to your opaque and most times offensive approach to any criticisms you received about your game or your staff. Its similar to a restaurant severing bad meal after bad meal and when someone complained about the meal and the prices you yell back at them, call them names, and then shut the door on them and have someone else tape their mouths shut.

    That is horrible customer service. And many many former customers were treated that way. Another horrible way to keep people around. The funny part is this, for what? To muzzle people that were pointing you in the direction of what needed to be changed. But CRS would not listen. At this point they were still not in the wrong.

    You ignored HUGE game issues and perused “easy” eye candy updates hoping you’d trick people to hang around longer and help fund this “game”. You even managed to draw up some “americans” and post it all over the place to gain more people, a gamble that did not work out. Sort of like borrowing money to build on to your shop but never having the cash flow to afford the payment on the initial loan….then going in and talking the banker into a “little more money” because “we are close to turning the bend”.

    WRONG. Bad gamble. You never turned the bend.

    You promised and again, your promise fell short. The Americans are STILL NOT IN GAME and you are still ironing out stability issues and some sort of political axis situation with the Americans entering the real map. No Americans but the axis get new semi autos to add to all their toys already in the game for YEARS!

    What a mess. More people leave. Less people come and stay. Your employees start to get nervous and leave (move on to better things).

    Now we get to the point where the business cannot even do the work anymore because times are so bad. CRS begs those that they nearly choked out 4 years prior (the squads) to help manage, control, and train the flow of new people to the game. The bad thing is that this flow of noobs from the terrible placements of advertising (limited) brought in the worst assortment of people maybe in the history of the game. Numbers of retained people had to be horribly low, as they were never published. From my understanding maybe 1 out of 100 or so stayed and ended up paying some sort of sub costs. But at least you can brag and post graphs (terrible graphs) about number of new people inflow.

    This leads to that lovely sub costs. The highest anywhere. Did we mention all the sever issues and dropped promises?? Now we want to charge $17.99 for it. Yeah, we know, you COULD get it cheaper….you just got to sign up for a year or so and that way CRS could burn through you money fast still trying to pay that intial loan from the crazy banker off on the gamble that did not “turn the bend”.

    Yes, that’s it. Help us pay for our mistakes and just deal with a game that isn’t running well. DON’T YOU WANT YOUR GAME TO LIVE!!!!!! (that come back got old quick).

    So, some still pay and hope for better days. Several hopeful “this will save us” tries were made (that china mess and RA) but the reality of it all and something that was known by all involved is that the numbers were failing, miserably. It was dieing and dieing fast.

    So, as the game is laid down on the ER bed….and its breath is slow and heavy panic sets in on the family. Suddenly confession is a good idea. Maybe it will save them. Maybe having everyone donate will bring a miracle. Maybe more money will save it now. Maybe. Maybe not.

    But, money will only save jobs for a while. The end is near. We all will pass in time. This game is just going to beat us all at it. Money is not going to save it. Numbers would but CRS has chased all the good ones away. New younger kids don’t want this type of play. Not in mass numbers anyways. Plus, it’s really nothing new. It’s the same game and same graphics just in a different box and different map area. It’s the same thing you cannot sell on WWIIOL Campaign side…..but you’ve masked it well.

    Maybe trying to break neck market to some short attention span kids will keep the oxygen on another year, but at sometime it might be best to let it pass. It would be more humane. Better for the family. Better for the community.

    You guys let the game die 4 years ago. I commend you for trying to save it now that is so close to being dead. I imagine all family do that when their close ones go or are close to going. I’ve seen it in my family. But I say just let it go. Maybe that’s what it wants.

    You should have listened to your community earlier and been more open to them earlier. Not chased squads away and killed squad play. You should have had a better community leader and customer support team….since the customers pay your wage and pay for your hobby of making this game and making it work and stay working. You should muzzled DOC and kept him from the eyes of the public and the ears of them to. He’s one of the most rude and asinine people I’ve ever talked to at times and really made your company look horrible in the forums, on the main page, and in gamers forums. I personally had 15 people hooked on this game that all left directly because of DOCs posts.

    Now all of a sudden you want to show everyone where you are at and why you need what you are asking of them. Partially because that is the legal way to ask for donations and show disclosure, but the other part is now you are starting to get it. The community was not so dumb after all.

    I hope praying or whatever you are doing now saves your game. I still cannot believe you are now begging for more money from those that you’ve treated so poorly over the years. I also cannot believe you’ve gotten suckers to stick their heads out to give money. Maybe your new community guy is doing his job. Maybe not.

    If things fail I hope CRS learns from it on their next venture. Nazi Zombie Reign or whatever is in the works. Keep the sub cost low so people can afford it and continue to afford it. $18 is to much and asking for a whole year commitment is to much also. Don’t chase people away and don’t act like a dictatorship to your concerned customers. Gagging them only makes them more upset and less likely to ever help you in the future. It did in my case.

  14. sick91

    I played this great game for 7 years, a day 1 player. I made the rank of a 5 star or field marshal yet we were never part of the GHC. I topped the AT gunners tables in CSR repeatedly. I stopped playing about 5 years ago for pretty much exactly what bronco just posted. If they had simply listened to the player base not criticised or ridiculed them, many other day one players would still be supporting CRS. I keep looking at reviews and wondering if change is in the air. Doesn’t seem that way. I’ll keep looking

  15. Wayne

    Bugs,bugs,bugs, and more bugs. Infantry lag is terrible, invisible players, invisible airplanes, connection issues are so bad they have to reset the server twice per week just so it won’t crash. Cornered Rat Software have been promising a patch to fix a lot of the bugs…..for over 6 months now. The game in its state now is a total waste of money. I have played for over 4 years and love the game, but the bugs and glitches are game breakers, and now with a lot of the CRS staff gone, it doesn’t look like they will ever be fixed. I just hope a bigger game company buys them and fixes the horrible coding in the game.

  16. Dan T

    A lot of negative reviews out there, every MMO has its problems even WoW has a lot of bugs but their the most successful mmo out there.

    I cannot put in a lot of input of recent years but i played this game the day it was released a long time ago… at that point the game was unplayable but after a month or two it got better. Graphics were updated some and new techs added.

    The big question is are there any other MMO’s with real time combat based over this huge map that incorporate supply, brigades, armor, air, infantry, navy? If so please let me know otherwise this is the only reason i come back to play this game from time to time. I dont want to play a small deathmatch type WW2 game. This game doesnt appeal to a large type of audience.

  17. Morkisbad

    Has alot of potential if only some entity with money could purchase it from the current lot of losers….could potentially be a very BADASS and entertaining game.

    DOC has too many aliases and insults players on the message boards. (Highestlaw being one of them).

    Overall, this game is really cool but very outdated and has the wrong people running it…………too bad.

  18. Big Mac

    Back in the day this was one of the greatest games out there. Used to be tons of people playing all hours of the day and lots of fun and interesting things to do. Now, it’s a mess. DOC and XOOM have pretty much driven the entire company and the community into the ground with thier antics and poor management decisions. Don’t waste your money. Everything Bronco said is true. The invisible equipment bug being the worst that has been around almost 2 years and the desktop crashes makes the game practically unplayable.

    So instead of fixing the bugs and trying to make amends to the community for thier poor performance, they go off trying to create a shoebox Day of Defeat type 64 player shooter with graphics from 2001 called “Rapid Assault” which turned out to be a huge flop they dont even have the beta out anymore.

    If you needed to do a marketing study on how to take a great game and community and destroy it with a thousand paper-cuts, DOC and Cornered Rat Software would be your gold standard.

    It’s unfortunate, and I don’t want to be mean, but it’s the ugly truth. They took a great game and community and threw it away.

  19. Loyal Sidewitcher

    The game concept of Battleground Europe is great. Half scale map of Northern France, Belguim, South East England etc, hardcore gameplay etc. However the company, CRS are useless. They might say “We’re the longest MMO bla bla bla” but thats only because they’ve been kept afloat by a core of individuals who are perpared to pay CRS insane amounts e.g. builder programs, paying for multiple accounts (and not using them) etc.

    Only hope for the game is for them to seriously open it up to the community. Release the software they use for modelling, art etc so the community can add new content. The software they’re using is early 2000’s and is pretty much worthless. Allow players to make Panthers, Comets, Mustangs, Typhoons, JU88s, Jagpanzers etc and send them of to staff members to vertify and implement. Increase your development personnel x20 for no extra cost. Cut down the costs, maintain the servers, drop the price to $8 for premium, $4 basic and let the community make the assets. There are countless old games out there that still have a big playerbase because they allow modding even when their graphics and mechanics are outdated e.g. Rfactor, Half-Life.

    As people have alluded to DOC is a PR disaster. If they kept DOC awayn from forums and in game chat they would have 25%+ more subscribers. He is the nail in the coffin for people ending their subscription.

    The game is still enjoyable once you understand everything but the player base has gone massively downhill. The veteran players have either left or play like idiots (wasting equipment) while the noobs play like…noobs. If you want to play this game use a F2P, it’s a niche game with a good concept but the developers are terrible

  20. Tom

    dated graphics: true

    some bugs: true

    mismanagement by CRS: possibly true

    All these things notwithstanding, WWIIOnline is still the most engaging WWII sim out there. You can man everything from a P-38 Lightning to a gun towing truck, to US infantry with their BARS and Garands.

    There’s only one server. Single “rounds” or Campaigns can last 40 days or more. Same game around the clock for months. Think about it. No other game gives you the feeling that guarding that army base bunker, or bombing that bridge actually *matters*. You can directly affect the outcome of something hundreds of people have worked on for a long time.

    It’s true it’s only for a certain “type” of hardcore gamer. Instant gratification, it is not. Try it and find out if you have what it takes. It’s free to play now, so there’s nothing to lose.

  21. Trev

    Good game gone crap run by crooks. Much better stuff out there

  22. 3pzg Taskforce

    Well reviews kept me from resubbing…some new pricing plans but id love to know the server population these days before I bother. I miss the old days of 300 panzer columns with couple hundred support luft and squishies

  23. BajaLucas

    I am one that loves this game. Like others have said it is not for everybody. It is unique in that it is very focused on creating a real (as possible) war campaign environment. It has game rules/protocol to achieve that and is a bit of a learning curve. Like others have commented, the individual player really does make a difference. One evening you might be guarding a bunker for an hour to save a town.The next time you log on you might choose to fly a c47 dropping loads of paras, etc. Frequently the fight over a town gets very intense ( bombers, armor, infantry CQB and dog fights overhead). Even so ,if you are looking for the confined space, short chaotic brief deathmatch type game this will not be for you.

  24. Matt Callahan

    Do NOT sub or play BattleGround Europe. The company that made it Corner Rats are only in the business of taking your money and NEVER putting it back into the game. They DESTROYED the game years ago and stopped funding development for it. There is NO roadmap to development and all they care about is milking every single dollar from people who wish for it to become a better game. Your better off spending your money on a game with a future and that is backed by a real development company unlike corner rat software which is a bunch of GM’s who NO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT DEVELOPMENT. Let the game die which it will never because its so basic it can run on a server in a guys closest “DOC” who is basically the person who resets and turns on the server.

    There is NO programmers at Corner Rat Software and their GM’s are a bunch of assholes who gave up on BattleGround Europe years AGO.

  25. xnt

    this game has biggest hardcore fanbase i ever seen. they been milking same player base over the years by doing nothing. they give simple stuff every year yet zero bug fix.they keep asking for money every goddamn month even though game is sub based plus hero stuff which costs more then sub. even with the fanbase game gonna die soon. you milked those guys enough

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