Battlegrave, the first PvP zone for Captains of DarkTide

Battlegrave has been added as the first ever PvP zone in the Fantasy Pirates MMO Captains of DarkTide (CoDT). The new zone throws players into head-to-head battles for the right to collect loot barrels that spawn periodically near the center of the region. Battlegrave is the first of a number of specially themed tactical battle zones announced, which include areas such as “Boss Lairs” and more PvP scenarios that will be introduced throughout open beta.
Battlegrave challenges players to
compete in a king-of-the-hill style map without the risk of losing items. Players whose ships are sunk during PvP battle will have the option to stay as a shipwreck and watch the battle rage while their ships are slowly repaired, or respawn immediately on the outer edge of the zone, allowing for faster repairs before heading back into the fray. Loot barrels that periodically spawn in random locations towards the center of the map will have a chance of containing rare and epic items, as well as DarkTide Credits, which are normally purchased for cash in the CoDT store.
“Building a browser-based MMO doesn’t mean you can’t build a fully featured, top quality 3D game. We’ve added PvP strategy zones, and we’re gearing up to add persistent player-created Islands,” says Lead Developer Eric Wiggins. “Battlegrave is just the first step. One by one, we’re going to add features and content until we’ve proven that every MMO feature you can deliver in a bulky stand-alone client, you can develop in a top quality 3D browser engine.”

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