Battle of the Inmmortals: closed beta delayed, why?

A couple weeks back, PerfectWorld Entertainment decided to delay the Battle of the Immortals Closed Beta, with BOI's Product Manager, Jonathan "Xarfox" Belliss, making the delay announcement on the PWE Blog.  Jonathan shared with us a list of changes/reasons why they needed to do the delay.
To start us off, here is the list of changes that will be made to Battle of the Immortals before Closed Beta, the list Jonathan posted back in the Delay Announcement:
•Support for Windows 7
•Support for 64-bit systems
•Support for higher monitor resolutions
•Fully integrated in-game video tutorial system
•Revised cash shop structure and items
•Revised quest flow for low level players
•Revised monster AI
•Readjusted damage and HP for both players and monsters
•Revised dungeon loot tables

"One of the main reasons that we decided to delay the game was that we wanted to update Battle of the Immortals to Version1.55, a version that includes the most recent expansion for BOI in China.  This expansion introduced robust new features and gave us the flexibility to do things that we felt would be needed to be in order to strengthen the launch of BOI in North America.  Some of these flexibilities and features are relatively small in nature (that adds up to big changes), while other features make a huge impact on the game and your enjoyment.
With the new expansion
all gamers will be able to play the game in Windows 7, on 64-Bit systems, and on high resolution monitors.  Before the update this just wasn't possible, and even on 32-Bit machines the experience wasn't the best that it could be.  Believe me, the difference between the low-res game and high-res game is big, and we're very happy that players will be able to experience BOI in its full glory at launch.
One of the more interesting changes to the game was our changes to the in-game Cash Shop structure, which will make a big impact on the game.  The cash shop changes mostly revolve around our Gem-Socketing system, a system where gems are attached to armor and weapons to enhance their abilities.  The gem system features different levels of gems, with each higher level gem making a greater impact on the item, and the difference in level benefits is vast.  For example, a level 4 Gem (out of 8 possible levels) will add 2,500 hit points to your character, and a level 100 character has a base of 10,000 HP, and up to 16 gems can be socketed to your gear."

Read here all you need to know about Battle of the Immortals. And visit its official website.

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