Battle Hordes Goes Into Closed Beta on iOS


Closed Beta started: the brand-new strategy MMO "Battle Hordes" can now be tried out. Hamburg developer and publisher Xyrality invites everybody who is interested to register for the closed beta and form their first impressions on the free-to-play title. Battle Hordes will be available for iOS exclusively at first and features real-time 3D graphics for the whole fantasy world, from the huge city to the strategical map end even the epic battles. After prevailing over an opponent, the attacker takes over the opponent's position. This gives the battle- and alliance-system an exceptional twist: allied players can band together in order to secure resource farms and fight their way to the bonuses in the center of the map.

"We are very positive that Battle Hordes already is an outstanding game. From the closed beta phase we nevertheless expect priceless insights on improvement potentials and we encourage all testers to give feedback and report bugs. We will reward each report with the premium currency gold, which will be paid out in the final game as a small thank-you gift", according to André Hennig, Co-Producer of Battle Hordes at Xyrality.



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