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Battle Dawn

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Internet browsers


Battle Dawn is a browser MMO free to play strategic game for internet browsers. It highlights three types of flash worlds with thousands of real players. Also, it's turn based.


After a catastrophe, almost all civilization was wiped from the face of the earth. Now you, as the leader of a surviving group of people, must start to build your colony and strive for world domination as the strongest Colony on earth! Engage in battles, take over countries, gain trust among allies or backstab anyone who gets in your way. You are the leader of your colony, you make the calls, you decide your own fate.


Your goal is to ultimately become the strongest leader on the world, supreme to all others. Establish your colony, expand your borders, and build up a great army.


An alliance is a group of up to 24 players cooperating which each other.

Alliance members can do the following things with other members of the same alliance: Defend each other, attack another player together, trade resources after building the level 5 converter building, see each other’s squads and spies,  see each other’s incoming/outgoing squads, share Radar Outposts, share Gate Outposts, send Mass Messages, to be received by all the alliance members,  ion each other’s incoming nukes and squads and defend each other from spies.


Outposts are a strategic and important part of Battle Dawn. Without them one wouldn’t be able to get powerful or do much of anything. There are five upgrades you can perform on an outpost, these are: Settlement, Teleport Gate, Nuke Silo, Radar Post, and Training base (Recently BD has been introduced two new special outposts, the Metal Mine and the Oil Well).

It use settlements to relocate your colony. For every settlement your colony’s pop cap raises 100 workers at a maximum of 1000 workers.

Radar Op
It gives basic radar coverage to see moving squads and surrounding outposts.

Teleport Gate
It allows instant travel from gate/colony to gate/colony. If one of the gates/colony is jammed you cannot teleport to or from there.

Missile Silo
It allows you to build a missile. Missiles destroy 10% of the units on the target colony/outpost

Training Base
It enables you to recruit soldiers at distances away from your colony. *note* players may have only one Training Base at a time.

The Metal Mine
This op can only be captured. When it is captured it increases metal output for your entire alliance by +5.

The Oil Well
This op can only be captured. When it is captured it increases oil output for your entire alliance by +4.


Ticks are the Battle Dawn turns. Every 30 minutes, a Tick passes in which all squads advance, resources are produced and battles take place. After each tick, you should refresh the game client in order to see the latest updated view of the world.


Internet connection.

Website: Battle Dawn

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Battle Dawn game

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4 Comentarios de Battle Dawn

  1. Alex

    Very time consuming, you have to check your colony every hour and not go away from your computer more than 6 or 7 max. if you want to get anywhere with this game. You’re playing with people that are consumed by this game and take it WAY too seriously.

    This game is a “free to play” game. Which means its only enjoyable when you do whats called “BOOSTING” which is sending them money through credit or paypal in return for a lot of ressources. Without that boost in ressources it takes around 2-3 days to do what it takes a premium player 1 hour. There’s a huge gap between regular non-paying players and the premium one.

    I was a premium player, and bought more than $500 USD in ressources. I made it to the top 30 players of the 2000 players in the game. I logged in one morning only to find that my account was frozen. Why? Because it said I had commited “Paypal Abuse” and that I was banned for life. The reason was because I opened a paypal dispute on the paypal website because Battledawn had charged me twice as much as they should have!

    I live in Canada, so I used Skype to call their office in Jersulam, no answer (it was 12pm local time). I emailed their contact email and pm’ed the game admin. After 24 hours, the admin answered me and said that in fact, their terms of use state that they can change the fees at any time for any reason… What the hell ? I purchase the boost thinking it was $45 and I ended up paying over $100.


    I tried to contact the authorities and the paypal security team, and they said they could in fact do nothing because I had authorized the initial transaction, and that I couldn’t prove that it was a different price to begin with.

    Don’t make the same mistake I did, don’t support these thiefs!

  2. robbie

    I must say I disagree with you. I don’t know the situation with the money problem but that is really unlucky. I love the game and there are people who don’t use money and still win the game. Yes the game is competitive but what fun would it be if it were not? For all of those on the fence about trying this game I would definitely give it a try! There are staff and experienced players who are willing to help with any questions you may have. I hope to see you guys there.

  3. ugh

    dont waste your time playing this game it not newb friendly at all. The existing community has made it a pay to win game. They do not try to keep or train new players even though they offer a mentoring system it is pure crap. Either you need about 30 friends with credit cards to challenge the elite in this game or about a year to get into the various networks that monopolize the game. They used to have 2400 players per world now they have 400 due to the community of players who would rather bully new players and since they pay for the development of the game they dont think anybody else should play for the win but them. Neat game, BAD BAD community.

  4. Whatever

    Do not join this game

    Cheating/Multiaccounting is openly tolerated, with no restrictions on online time, no captcha’s etc. whatsoever. If you report someone for multiaccounting, this is not being taken seriously, your claims are not being investigated.

    This has been particularly and systemically exploited by a group referring to itself by the name of POB. They operate some FB accounts for this purpose and openly state that they are teaching their members “strategies” on how to “win” gaming eras.

    On top of that, the gaming atmosphere is extremely toxic, insults, aggressive harassments and personal attacks are being broadcasted to all and every player without any admin doing anything at all.
    You like being part of a snakepit, with everyone trying to cheat the max on everyone else, and biting everyone else? Then this game is perfect for you, you’ll enjoy yourself.
    For everybody else – well, don’t ever join this game.

    And if you do, do NOT ever spend any money on it – you can be sure you’ll be defrauded of your expected advantages in the game.

    Absolutely *WORST* gaming experience ever. (And this means something, having been around for quite some time in several multiplayer war “strategy” games.)
    No strategy to be found here people – just cheating inc.

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