Background details on the Revelations of Gipat exp. for Allods

In summer 2010 the first Allods Online expansion Volume 1: Revelations of Gipat will reach the European servers, bringing new content, mounts, quests, and a brand new allod, Gipat. Every character that attains level 40 will be able to teleport to this recently re-discovered allod and explore its ancient history. Read below background details on the first Allods expansion.

“Three centuries ago, a young man named Zak awoke upon the June ruins of Gipat. He had no notion of who he was, or from whence he came; his only possessions were the clothes upon his back and a small, ritual dagger. He wandered, lost in this strange land when he came upon a village. Despite his own ignorance, the natives seemed to recognise him, calling him ‘the chosen one’.

The village had been besieged from all sides. The villagers believed that Zak was preordained to end their plight, and whether or not their prophecy was true, he did manage to do just that. Despite Zak's victory, his personal quest to discover his identity remained largely unanswered. Once he was certain the village was safe, he set out to discover the truth of his past.

Zak’s journey led to several places where he met a variety of creatures; an Orc Witch, an Ancient Dragon, a camp of Xadaganians, a small, curmudgeonly old man, and finally the eccentric and unpredictable Great Mage, Tka-Rik, who cared little for the fate of Gipat.

Tka-Rik was obsessed with finding more of his kind and believed he was the last of the Junes, the most powerful race on Sarnaut. But recently he had discovered that there were two descendants yet remaining somewhere among the allods, and his greatest desire was to have them brought to him. Being the only Great Mage upon Gipat he was unable to leave, so Zak went in his place.

Zak was led to a beautiful woman, the first June descendant. They quickly fell in love, and she followed Zak on his quest. Taken into custody upon entering the next allod, Zak discovered an underground movement of freedom fighters who told him that the man Zak had been looking for had teleported to Gipat some time ago.

After escaping the prison and teleporting back to Tka-Rik, Zak discovered the truth. The June who had teleported to Gipat had been Zak himself! Using a powerful spell to disguise himself, Zak’s memory was erased by Gipat’s ancient magics upon arriving on the allod. Tka-Rik then revealed his true motivations: he had been searching for the last descendants of the Junes peoples, to enlist their help in the battle against the Curse of the Junes: the astral demons. Zak, now knowing his true heritage, donned the diamond armour of the Junes and took up his sword. The rest is the stuff of legends.”

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