Autumn Update for Rail Nation

Travian Games has just presented the autumn update for Rail Nation. This largest expansion of the game so far offers a lot of new game content to the players, much of which was developed in close cooperation with the community.
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The highlights of the autumn update at a glance:

New engines: At the end of each era, for the most part, you can now find an engine, which can take up multiple engine slots and possesses an accordingly high tractive force. A total of 6 new engines have been added with this update. It should ease the editing and creation of new schedules considerably.

New tech tree: The new tech tree is now no longer linear and may remind players much more of the actual branches of a tree. At many different "track switches", a player can now decide for themselves, which engine to research and where research points are best spent. Aside from this, it has been given a new, optically extravagant and individual look for each era. Additionally, all values have undergone comprehensive revision, so that there are now greater differences between engines. Also, acceleration has now become a researchable attribute.

New user interface - modern optics: The whole of Rail Nation's user interface has been modernised and decluttered. A new event bar informs players via large icons of special events, effects and the contract length of workers. The avatar, including clothing items, will now appear larger on the screen.

New achievement system: after the revamp of the whole achievement system now all 169 different medals provide considerably more prestige. In the future, it could well pay out to focus game-play on reaching particular achievements, in order to move up in the ranking. Achievements can now be sorted according to players' preferences, in order get the best possible overview at all times.

Goods rotation: in order to  maintain excitement levels in the currently most advanced cities, even towards the end of an era, all 4 city goods will be replaced as soon as a city levels up.

Convenience features: both the research points storage and the account limit have been increased in order to increase the players' game comfort.

Source of information: Travian Games press release.

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