Aura Kingdom unveils new details about the Eidolons

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Aura Kingdom has revealed new information about the Eidolons, the essential companions of the game's characters. The Eidolons are faithful pets capable of defend themselves and join its master for powerful combo attacks. Players will also be able to level up and equip their Eidolons to make them stronger.

When Eidolons are not fighting they retain memories of players’ past accomplishments and will frequently converse about them. When the Eidolons grow and become more powerful can also be ridden as mounts.

Aura Kingdom Eidolon RW1 Aura Kingdom Eidolon RW2

At the beginning of his adventure players can choose 4 different Eidolons, and as they progress through the game may recruit more Eidolons to be his companions. More than a dozen will be present in the game at launch, with many more planned for release in subsequent content updates.

Aura Kingdom Eidolon RW6 Aura Kingdom Eidolon RW3 Aura Kingdom Eidolon RW4 Aura Kingdom Eidolon RW5

Source of information: Aeria Games press release.


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