Aura Kingdom Receives First Major Update

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Aeria Games has just announced the release of the first major content update for their free-to-play MMORPG Aura Kingdom that adds new zones and dungeons as well as a new raid, a new class and more.

The patch introduces the intense Sky Tower raid that challenges up to 40 players to climb up its floors brimming with dreadful foes and mighty bosses of increasing difficulty. While the first 10 floors can now be entered, following levels are planned to be launched with upcoming patches.

Aura_Kingdom_Brawler Aura_Kingdom_Chameleon_Boss Aura_Kingdom_Dragon

Moreover, the new Brawler class makes its debut, widening the roster of playable classes up to nine. Sharp claws being their weapon of choice, Brawlers tear through their opponents at close range. To enhance the efficiency of their strongest abilities, they build secondary resources called Earth and Sky charges. Similar to the other classes, Brawlers are able to synergise with certain secondary weapons to unlock new devastating combo skills.


In addition, solo players and smaller group may also explore new zones and dungeons: Ozymand Temple and Ghostweep Cave invite valiant parties to take on challenging bosses, whereas Star Sand Desert and Oblitus Wood provide a multitude of new quests. The update also contains revamped "Otherworld" versions of previous dungeons as well as new gear for players of the highest level.

Aura_Kingdom_Ozymand_Temple Aura_Kingdom_Penguins

Source of information: Aeria Games press release.

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