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Astro Lords: Oort Cloud

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GAME TYPE: Free-to-play Space Strategy MMO
PLATFORMS: Web Browser
DEVELOPERS: Aratog Games


In Astro Lords: Oort Cloud, players step into the shoes of a powerful Astro Lord, a commander that rules over their own asteroid in the distant Oort Cloud where they search for powerful relics, produce minerals and needed resources to sustain their military and their asteroid base. This 3-D space MMO strategy is completely free to play and offers real-time combat against multiple real-world opponents as well as intelligent AI. The game doesn’t require any client download and can be played directly in your web browser on both Mac and PC or downloaded as an app for Android and iOS mobiles.


  • Space strategy MMO

  • Rule your own asteroid as a powerful Astro Lord

  • Build up your very own asteroid militarised base

  • Train a powerful military to defend your territory and destroy your rivals

  • Engage in mass combat with advanced AI

  • Conduct trade, espionage, diplomacy and war against other player Astro Lords

  • Immersive real-time combat

  • Browser MMO cross compatible on various mobile devices

  • Completely free to play


When unknown asteroid made its way close to Earth, automated research probes were dispatched from the planet and landed on the asteroid’s surface, what it discovered would change mankind forever and propel us into a new era of future technology. Ancient artefacts that came to be known as Runes were discovered, powerful energy sources that once used were depleted of all their power and so created by some ancient unknown race.

With these Runes, scientists were able to master space flight and so we were exploring the entire solar system, in time coming across the Oorta Cloud nebula that seemed rich with these Runes. Progression gave way to competition as those who had the ability and money to afford their own spaceships soon began laying claim to asteroids in the Oorta Cloud and carving out their own piece of independent territory. Far from Earth there were no rules out here and soon rivalry turned to conflict and factions and self-named Astro Lords battle for supremacy.


As one such Astro Lord, each player has control over their very own asteroid, the source of their initial base from which they can extract valuable minerals from the rock, which they must use to construct various buildings and facilities as well as raising up their own futuristic space military. The main premise of the game is to control your own territories and raid other player Astro Lords to steal their resources; players are able to control a maximum of five Independent asteroids as well as their own initial asteroid base. In combat a players’ primary asteroid cannot be taken, but players are able to seize control of any extra asteroids a player may have acquired.


The entire game is based in the Oort Cloud nebula, each Astro Lord controls one or more asteroid that makes up their territory and from here they are able to trade, open diplomatic relations declare war on their potential rivals. When an Astro Lord has levelled up to the point where they have unlocked specific skills they have the ability to move their asteroid to new locations for purposes of trade, claiming new asteroids that offer richer minerals, protection against warmongering Astro Lords or even prowling the nebula for weaker targets and themselves. The Oort Cloud isn’t just filled with player Astro Lords, was also filled with aggressive AI aliens that grow weary of the wanton pillaging of their artefacts and minerals from the humans.


Players have the option of engaging in PVP with one another in the Arena, and players can attack each other’s asteroids to either pillage resources (particularly a rivals’ home asteroid) or laying claim to the asteroid altogether. Players can be actively involved in battles, controlling one of their six ships, as well as allowing up to 5 allies to fill the other slots, or they can leave the AI Generals to do the fighting for them. Generals can be fully trained with various skills as well as being equipped with their very own modified ship customised with a variety of weapons, armor, Runes and officers.


Internet browser

Website: Astro Lords: Oort Cloud

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Astro Lords: Oort Cloud game

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