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Developed by Intent Software for Windows.


Astonia is a free online role-playing game (MMORPG). Join this vast fantasy world as either a Mage or Warrior and explore the game world with thousands of other players. Make friends, amass huge amounts of game gold, create a powerful character or simply have fun playing this game.


Warrior class players (Warriors, Seyans, Arch Warriors, Arch Seyans) are the only classes who can wear "classic" style armor (chest pieces, leggings, sleeves, etc.). Mages (Mages, Arch Mages) cannot wear "classic" style armor, but there are other protective items that they can wear, such as pants, hats, capes, etc.


Four attributes form the base for most other skills and spells. These are Wisdom, Intuition, Agility and Strength. You must use the right combination of these attributes to enhance your most important skills.

Each skill and spell is based on three of the attributes. The actual skill/spell level is calculated by adding the attributes and dividing them by 5 (plus adding the skill, of course).


In addition to the skills system, characters can learn up to four individual professions. Characters can gain profession points (PPS) by raising a skill called "Profession." At level 20, every character acquires this skill. All classes can raise this skill to level 25 (arches to 50). Each individual Profession maxes at level 25.


All clans depend on one commodity, Jewels. Jewels are used to pay the lease for the clan hall and to provide any clan bonuses the clan desires. Jewels can be found in special rooms that are easy to recognize by the blue pedestal they contain. Any blue pedestal might hold Jewels. Anyone can obtain Jewels, but unless properly stored, they deteriorate very fast. Storing Jewels in a clan vault keeps them fresh. If two clans are at war, their members can kill each other - regardless of level - in all clan areas. Clan areas are the clan halls and other specially marked places. The rooms containing Jewels are marked as arenas, so anyone can kill anyone else in there, but without loss of items or experience. If two clans are at feud, all their members within a three-level range can attack each other, no matter where they are, unless the area is a peaceful zone.


The Macro Daemon is an NPC (Non Player Character) who may appear to you from time to time and ask you a simple math question which you must answer within five minutes to avoid a punishment. Once you answer his question correctly, he goes away. His purpose is to help safeguard against players trying to use macros (small executable programs) to unfairly gain experience or levels.


300mhz processor with a 4MB graphics card

Website: Astonia

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3 Comentarios de Astonia

  1. Tyce

    Astonia has a reputation for being addicting. People who quit will be gone only days or weeks, occasionally months but rarely are they gone for good. This game has the best skill raising setup I have ever seen as well as extremely well balanced PvP. It is free to play and you can enjoy all but endgame as a free player. The bonuses for paying aren’t necessary but are nice. The gear system and PvE system work well together and the game is super enjoyable.

    Hopefully this helps and encourages you to at least try it. If nothing else, try.

  2. durasat

    The gentleman’s comment above mine is misleading,lies and no where near the actual truth. I quit this lousy game back in 2004..its leveling,playing and overall layout is a joke…back then there was a base of over a few thousand people playing…now maybe a few dozen…nothing new has been added…nadda. Intent software makes this game impossable to play..try selling orbs or buy equip when theres nobody not pasy for this game folks

  3. Jaz

    The PVP in Astonia 3.0 is what makes it a great game.
    You can raise your stats and be completely unique to the next person fight for jewels in teams of characters you and your friends made and compete as a group to win jewels to keep your clan alive.
    The PVP is unparralled in any game to date even to this day!
    It’s just a shame the managment doesn’t give a damn and we never get updates.

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